Do any "celebrate" (i.e; stay up for) New Year?

Belated merry xmas one and all, just wondering whether any of you celebrate new year?

Is it the sign of me being a grumpy old man by stating the last time I eagerly ‘stayed up’ till midnight singing auld-lang-whatever and drinking warm champagne was in 2001. (Since then there’s been young kids, numerous house moves, work and now, of course MS to make the prospect less and less attractive).

So will any of you be staying up to hear Big Ben at midnight on Thursday/Friday? Do middle aged people with young families actually do this stuff these days, with or without MS? I’m kind of assuming it’s young folk or serious insomniacs.

(I’m lucky if I can last till 11pm now, but will doubtless get woken up by various half-wits letting off fireworks at 12!)

Slightly wearisome rant over!

Hope you guys are all keeping well.


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i usually can last to 12:30.

Won some tickets for BBC in Glasgow hogmany party, but had to decline as it is standing and goes onto 4 in the morning

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Not me. Spent too many NYE’s playing for ceilidhs and watching other people make proper fools of themselves. And now I’m lucky if I get past ten o’clock any night.

As long as 2015 is better than this year I’ll be happy.

anyhow Happy New Year in advance, one and all!



Not me!

We have a little party in the afternoon in communal lounge… come midnight I will be tucked up in my bed!!!

And NO regrets at all. Horrid memories of being very cold, a long way from home & that sort of drunk which is already like a hangover! YUK!!!

IF I’m still awake I might watch a few minutes of Jools Holland… but chances are I’ll be fast asleep.

Happy New Year folk…

Pat xx

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The last new year i really celebrated was 2000 we all went to a friends party in Edinburgh it was such a great time,

since then i havent really celebrated it,i am in bed at my normal bedtime watching it on TV and just about to nod off, when the awful neighbour at the back of us in his big mansion type house,will decide to let ‘bombs’ off at midnight for a good 2 bl***y hours grrrrrrrrrrr…oh well…think mines a bit of old age and ms…the reason why i am so grumpy lol…

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you, hope its a good one….

J x

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this year we as a family going for a meal at 7pm then afterwards hubby and i will quietly disappear leaving the rest to party on if they so wish

im hoping to be home and in my pjs by 9ish sipping a chilled prosecco nicely full and happy that i have at least managed to get myself ready to go out and spend some time if not long with my family

if all goes according to plan i will be a happy bunny

wish me luck

happy new year to you all


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Like the rest of you I’ll be cuddled up in bed or wandering around the house just like any other night. I’ve had my years of going out but I found it quite stressful with everyone trying to be jolly (myself included) because they felt they had to even when I knew I had a horrible relationship to go home to. I’m not bothered now, divorce sorted that out happily. I tended to offer to work as nurses will always be needed on social occasions.

No, I’m not old and bitter, a little battered and decrepit maybe, but it’ll still be the new year when I wake up in the morning. I do like to have my house tidy, a freshly made bed and most of my chores up to date for the new year though. So it’s a busy few days for me…

Let’s hope 2015 has some amazing developments for us with PPMS for a change.

Cath xx

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I am going to try …but I will put money on me being asleep.

Hope 2015 will be good for everyone.

Pam x

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Lozzie that sounds like a good plan,hope you have a really good time…

J x

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I don’t like New Year, I hate to be around drunken people all desperately trying to outdo one another in the happy stakes. I drink very little, if at all and I’m made to feel like a pariah, which I guess I am in the world of people who drink to excess.

Sometimes im simply a miserable cow but I do wish everyone a Happy New Year

Jan x

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Jan your not the only one to feel like this,i hate any time where we are told that we should be having a good time,it has the exact opposite effect on me,it makes me feel very pressured. my brother and his wife never celibrate xmas,and i admire them for it.they dont have any family so just please themselves what they choose to do, i used to like it more when i was younger but its just too commercialised for me nowdays.

​J x

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Not me!

I don’t like the forced merriment either…I think the last time I stayed up was 1999!!

It is just another day to me and my lovely cosy bed is far more inviting that all the ’ jolly’ television programs! Bed by nine for me!

Happy New year to you all,

love Nina x

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I always see the New Year in but now in less style, Once many Years ago I went with my mate Trevor to Trafalgar Square and got soaked in the fountains. They board them over now stupid elf n safety!!!

I dont go to sleep till after twelve most nights so it will be like a normal night just with a Scotch and water to wash the taste of 2014 out of my mouth. Mind you I will drink it in bed rather than an Inn. We gave up going out for New Year when the kids were small and now Heather has the excuse she has to look after me to put paid to any late night baby sitting for their children.


xx Don


Just another day to me, how I wish everyone a happy year if it’s not worse than 2014 maybe a little better, I’ll be happy.

Be safe guys, love M x


Not now I’m totally knackered and in bed at 10pm.


Robert xxx.


Having a quiet one tonight, not sure if I will stay up or not, will just play it by ear.

Family are all doing their own thing. Just as they should.

Hoping to hear from my youngest who is on holiday in Australia as it will be the New Year there soon. They have posted a few

photos on face book of them partying on a boat just beside the Sydney bridge. Looks like great fun!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! To everyone

Lang may yer lum reek!!

Mags xx

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Hello CP and all,

New Year has never been permanently cemented into my celebration calendar. I’ve done it about three of four times over the last 15 years. Even before the real beast took hold I was quite ambivalent about the whole thing.

What we have done lately is do the great journey from my father’s house in Wallasey back home to Sussex on 1st January because the roads are quiet. Our Rose (now 2) slept through the fireworks as well. It now seems as though all local authorities are trying to out do each other with firework stuff. All I can say is that even without them, there are now significantly fewer people in Shanghai. Bless their poor relatives. Such an unnecessary tragedy.

Best wishes, Steve.

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A terrible tragedy Steve.

They said that by selling tickets for the London fireworks they could control the numbers and keep it safe. The terrible death toll in Shanghai has proved it was a good decision.

Pat xx