For New Year's Eve I'm going to bed with...

… a good book!!!


All the best my darlings. For those of us not going out remember you are in good company… and if you still pine for the New Year’s Eve’s of yesteryear… remember…

1/ It’s cold, wet and miserable out

2/ Everybody gets drunk and obnoxious

3/ It’s absolute hell trying to get home

4/ You HAVE to enjoy yourself otherwise you’re a party poop

5/ You get home very late and very drunk and very cold

6/ You stand a good chance of spending the rest of the night with your head in the toilet

7/ You feel like total sh*te next day

Thank God I do NOT have to go out tonight!!!


Pat xxx

Hi Pat

Your title had me enthralled!!! but I totally agree with you, take care

and enjoy your book.

Pam x

Good idea Pat! My 18-year-old is going to a party but the thought makes me recoil in horror. I’d rather read a book or watch a good film. He knows he can’t drink too much or get home too late as it is his brother’s 8th birthday tomorrow and he will be up with the larks! Enjoy the comforts of home! Teresa xx

Me too. Am I bothered? For all the good reasons above… Absolutely not :slight_smile: Happy New Year Everyone B-)

hi pat

i was in bed for half ten lol

its just so much more comfy in bed watching telly cant do it anymore im in bed most nights for nine.

hope 2013 is good to you

regards mick x

Hi Mick, beat you with the time…I`m always in bed for 6 ish. I HAVE to be…Emmerdale starts at 7pm!!!

Plus it`s good to straighten my body out after being sat all day! Oh and to get my stays off is wonderful!

luv Pollx