Anyone been to Prague?

Anyone been to Prague, if so how wheelie friendly, or wheelie difficult is it? Any other suggestions for a city break in the UK or Europe?

Went to Prague years ago - o.k. but not stunning and if I remember correctly a bit hilly.

What about Barcelona?

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went a few years ago as well, pre-dx. i think its quite hilly and cobbly as well in some parts. it is very nice though. have a great time!

Was there just after the Transverse Myelitis that turned into MS.

Hilly? Very. Cobblestones? Lots of them, especially in the Old Town. Interesting? Very.
Wheelchair friendly? First you need to find a suitable hotel - that will mean an up-market one (probably in Wenceslaus Square). You will not see the metro - some of the platforms are down very long escalators. That could limit how far you could travel.

Having said that, I am told that there are plans to redevelop a lot of the Old Town area. I am glad that I saw it before they did.
Do read up on the history before you go, so you know what you are looking at. Remember that it is not in the Euro zone, and most of the older hotels to not take plastic, so make sure you have lots of cash on you.


I have been, pre wheelchair even then I thought it would be very hard going in a wheelchair! I wouldn’t want to go now due to all the stag and hen parties. Only place I’ve taken a photo where you can see the cold! it was Jan but I have never,ever been so cold!, ordered a ham roll…it came filled with cream,sweetened cream and ham, interesting but never been tempted to try it again! Still we had a good time.

Alison x

Ok, thanks all, I suspected there would be cobbles. I need to think again. We went to Barcelona several years ago (before MS) loved it apart from the bit where my husband had his wallet stolen on the underground. On his birthday too, to add insult to injury!

Don’t forget your EHIC if you go

I’ve been, but it was 22 years ago, and well before MS! As others have said, it’s not wheelchair friendly. Lots of cobbles, but I really enjoyed it. I knew someone from a town near Prague, so he took us around to see the sights. A few things stick in my memory about the trip - we couldn’t get cash beforehand - we had to exchange our money on the border (I’m sure that’s changed now!), and in 1993 in the pub, beer worked out to be about 20p for half a litre! A bottle of vodka in the supermarket was about £1.20, but a bar of soap was £5! We were warned that there was a lot of crime, and to make sure we kept our valuables secured.

Have you thought about Amsterdam? It’s nice and flat, and most places are within wheeling-distance!

I went about five years ago…stunningly beautiful Gothic and olde worlde. Beautiful!! But cobbly and not for wheelies.

My husband went a few years ago on a stag weekend. Although there was a lot of drinking going on he assured me he got a lot of sightseeing done. As father of the bride he thinks he was a bit more sensible. Anyway he loved it and really wanted to go back with me but didn’t think it was good for people with walking difficulties.

Still don’t know what went on that weekend. As they say what happens on the stagger…!

Mags xx

Amsterdam’s a nice suggestion, shorter travelling time to get there too!

Would recommend Copenhagen.All on level and smooth wheelchair “path” through cobbles in nyhavn old harbour.

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I would recommend Seville - the historic centre is pedestrianised and it is very flat. I’m not a wheelchair user myself but it struck me as very accessible. And it is a lovely, fascinating place - oranges on the trees!


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I’ve been told that too. Some (able bodied) friends went there recently and very obediently checked everywhere for accessibility. Even the Alahambra Palace is mostly accessible I think. They didn’t check for accessible loos though - well you can’t have everything.


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