York - Wheelchair Accessible?

Hi there

We are looking to get away for a few days at the end of next month. We have always fancied York, however I understand there are lots of cobbled streets that may not be suitable for a wheelchair.

Could anyone advise if there is generally good accessibility in the city centre for a manual wheelchair?

Any other recommendations most welcome!

Many thanks

Hi, I love York, but havent been there since my disabled life!

I have tried to find a hotel or B & B with the facilities I need, but have been unsuccessful. I could always hire equipment and take it with me, but that can be pricey, plus you have to ensure the establishment is willing to allow that. I need a profiling bed, mattress, hoist and commode…I know…a tall order!

Back to the terrain…yes, it is heavily cobbled, as thats part of its charm as an old city.

Why not google York for wheelchair users and maybe the Tourist Information Centre?


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York is a fine city and sure the tourist information centre will be pleased to help.



York is a wonderful city I was born there ,we lived right by the Minster it was great as a kid playing on the Minster steps, but yes it is very cobbled in some areas but the town centre is pedestrian only in the day time so you can go on the roads. It is only down the shambles and the market that you would have most trouble as no level pavement at all.

I think you can hire a mobility scooter for the day will try and find the link for you.


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Hi there, thanks so much for responding; I think we will definitely book up!

It’s amazing the planning that needs to go into the shortest of breaks now.

Thanks again