Accessible Cities and attractions to visit

Hi everyone, hoping you can help me!

My hubby has MS and after a recent relapse is currently using a wheelchair. In an attempt to cheer him up and get out of the house, we are planning some long weekends but are still getting used to problems caused by lack of accessibility. He absolutely hates a fuss and any attention caused by having to get ramps put out etc. so looking for some advice on where to go that is already set up (if that makes sense) - attractions, restaurants, hotels, pubs etc

We are in our thirties, living in Glasgow. Looking to drive to our destination.

Even if there were some good websites i can research?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sandra x

Hi Sandra,



Thanks Jane, will have a look!


Here’s another website to try -


Thanks Dan, that’s great. I will have a look.

Blackpool. I go there a lot. Everything is easy. The New Mayfair hotel is ideal. It is on the tram route. They are abfab!


Thanks Poll, not been there for years!!

try this site its a rough guide to accessible britain they produce a very good book every year .

hope you find what your looking for. Barbara. xx

Thanks Barbara, I will have a look at this also!