Trip to York

Hi everyone,
I am hoping to get to York for a couple of days in February with my daughter. My mobility is pretty rubbish. With two walking poles I can manage about 0.5 mile before I need to sit and recover. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips to make the most of our visit.
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I use an all terrain rollator and stayed in our camper van. The city is quite compact and slightly hilly. We used the open top bus to get around. Not sure how they run in the winter. Can be busy in the streets. A few years back they had mobility scooters at the railway museum, but this does not seem to be documented (I only saw them after I’d struggled round on my trekking pole!
The grounds behind the museum are a pleasant haven compared to the bustle round the Minster.

It might be worth hiring a scooter, or something, to make your stay more enjoyable. Beware the cobbled streets though.
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As Whammel suggested, you could hire a wheelchair - you can do this with the Red Cross. But like he says, the cobbles can make for a bumpy ride!

The scooter hire cost is £11 per day from this charity, which isn’t bad for peace of mind.

Shopmobility is a registered charity that provides electric scooters, wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs for hire to enable people to enjoy the shops and attractions in the city of York.
01904 679222

Thank you everyone for the suggestions. It is much appreciated and I will definitely look into the scooter hire. I’ve never used one before but it would definitely make the trip less stressful. I think maybe one day using the tour bus to get around and one day scootering!

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Hi, I was going to suggest Shopmobility, but I see it has already been suggested.



The tip I would give is travel a bit further and go to Scarborough instead! Much more space to move around. In my view much more to see, including the sea! I’m not a fan of York. Too cramped, too busy, too ‘musty’, too cold and damp! (I worked in York recently, for three years, until working from home kicked in, though I’m now at home on long-term sick leave.)

But maybe you have specific plans and places you want to visit there. Or you have a long shopping list. Hope your trip goes well for you.

Having been to both last year. I would say Scarborough is more spread out and the hills are more extreme. Possibly biased because my other half took me south at the end of the day, up the cliff lift and then a long walk to our bus home.
Had good times at both. Before MS set in I never understood it being so useful returning to places you know.

In February if Covid is still keeping the numbers of tourists and office workers out of the centre of York, then it might be very pleasant to visit, and less need for sharp elbows. To be fair, in February in Scarborough there is always the risk of horizontal snow being driven in over the cliffs on a strong north-easterly! Though I swear it is never as cold as York railway station …