Any advice for trip to Dublin?

So me and my partner are taking a trip to Dublin this weekend and I was wondering if anyone has advice on how to survive! I’m still in relapse and although my energy levels are improving I still tire fairly easily. I will be taking my stick with me. But as its for my partners birthday I want him to have an awesome time! Dublin is his home and he’s not been back for about 4 years. Help!

Hi littlekit,

As you know, I’ve just aquired my shiny new mode of transport, (newley named Indi thanks to Shepherdess). Have you considered hiring or borrowing a chair?

I’ve been using an old one on day trips or holidays and it defienietly increases the distance I can go and therefore the things we are able to do. We went to London for a few days earlier in the year and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the chair. Even walking round the museums would have been too much for me never mind getting between the sites.

I still walk when I can and hubby pushes the chair empty, then when I’ve had enough I hop in. I’ve taken it abroad as well. It’s free to book on the flight, you just need to let them know in advance that you’ll be bringing it.

Have loads of fun.

Hi LittleKit,

Oh lucky you - Dublin is wonderful and the people so friendly. I went by Ryan Air and they were excellent. I was on a mobility scooter then but they loaded me up to the plane so I didn’t have to try to struggle to walk (it was a few years ago now - I’ve in a wheelchair all the time now). But I’ve been to Ireland twice since and each time they have been just as wonderful. If you have difficult walking any distance you can book assisted travel and arrange for them to take you through in their wheelchair.

I hope you have a lovely time - I am envious.

Enjoy, Mary

Thanks guys. Don’t even know where I would start looking for a chair! X

I think there’s plenty of companies that hire them. A quick google should find a local one.

I think organisations like the Red Cross also do short term loans.

I’m really hoping to not need one. Is that silly?

No really. I know how you feel. There’s no way I’d use the chair anywhere I thought I might see someone I knew, which is something I’ll have to get over eventually.

It really has made all the difference on days out though. I guess it depends on how far you can comfortably get with your stick. I’m struggling after 10 to 15 minutes so for me, if I want to get places it’s a bit of a no brainer. Having said that, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel self concious.

We are going to the Tatoo in a few weeks and Indi will be going with us.

I managed a good hour pottering around Tesco but it did make me tired. I feel self conscious using my stick! But I’ve got some gorgeous new clothes for the trip so that should help.