Antihistamine for SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction

Was reading about how antihistamines work and came across something that surprised me: that periactin can help SSRI-induced sexual problems. (SSRIs are anti-depressants.) I know that a lot of MSers are on SSRIs for neuropathic pain and that some get unwelcome sexual problems as a side effect. I also know that, while GPs will prescribe Viagra for men, they won’t prescribe very much, and they won’t usually prescribe any for women. I think that periactin might be prescription only, but I wonder if it’s cheaper to prescribe than viagra? I also wonder if GPs would be willing to prescribe it for women (in other words, would they get in trouble with the PCT?)? I haven’t properly investigated this and please don’t try anything without checking with your GP or MS nurse, but apparently an antihistamine called loratadine might work too and when I put that into google, it came up that you can buy it from amazon (no idea about high street chemists - haven’t checked). Has anyone heard this before? Has anyone tried an antihistamine for this? I think you’re supposed to take one every day, but antihistamines can make people drowsy, which most of us could do without(!) and I’m not sure if the non-drowsy ones work as well. Anyone know? Btw, when I say sexual dysfunction, I’m talking about problems with erections and with orgasm. I don’t think they will have any effect on sensory problems, but I could be wrong. Anyway, I thought some of you would be interested. Karen x

l used to buy Loratadine from the local chemist. lt is one-a-day - and inexpensive. l was buying it for one of my dogs who had skin allergies. lt is non-drowsy.

Worth asking you pharmacist for it. Mine kept it ‘behind the counter’. Not on show.


I think there are drowsy and non-drowsy versions, but apparently the non-drowsy are like that because they can’t pass the blood brain barrier. That makes me wonder if they might not be as effective, although I really don’t know. I don’t actually take SSRIs. I’ve had problems with numbness before which Viagra helped with, but thankfully it was a relapse and I recovered. Just as well because my GP was less than helpful! I know how distressing (and common) it can be though, so thought others might be interested in antihistamine thing. Kx

Well - shampoos - vits -tissues etc are on the shelves. Paracetamol/ lbuprofen/ anti-histamines are behind the counter as the pharmacists assistant will ask you ‘Have you taken these before’ - and also advise how many you can take and what with.

The Loratadine l bought was a pack of 30 - one a day.


I have been prescribed this antihistamine today for itching I was very sceptical as it was a sensory itch no rash etc it was seriously destressing but it seems to have worked it has really taken the edge off in one tab. It is the non drowsy one so perhaps it can work on sensory probs. hoping for a good nite sleep. Jo