Antidepressant - Citalopram, any alternatives please?

Hi everyone

Whilst at a meeting recently, the guest speaker was a pharmacist (from a very well known local chemist’s), he advised me that fish oil prevents Citalopram from working.

As the Jelinek diet consists of fish oil supplements; I was wondering what other antidepressant I could take,

Thank you for any replies.

Wendy x

Hi Corkie i got changed from Citalopram to Mertazapine for my PTSD/Depression and i gotta say they are the only thing keeping me level though im on a high does 45mg i did try dropping down to 35mg on my suggestion to the GP and it quickly became apparent that wouldnt be a good idea hope you get sorted

respect sheep

Hi Wendy,

I don’t know your history or anything about your depression so please forgive me if you have already been down this route…

Have you tried therapy (either counselling or maybe CBT)? If you do need the anti-depressant meds than it would be best to seek advise from whoever prescribes them to you. There are dozens of alternatives to Citalopram, but it’s a matter of trial & error usually in finding the right one for you. If you have not tried therapy, I would highly recommend you seek out a Clinical Psychologist as there are some really dodgy so called ‘therapists’ out there :slight_smile:

Kind Regards


Thank you for your replies sheep and Tracy, I will make a note of Mertazapine sheep and Tracy I have been on antidepressents for quite a few years, what with the menopause and feeling overly anxious and couldn’t seem to see a positive view (as I always had done), Then being dx with ms, I now believe that ms was causing me to feel depressed, perhaps a lesion had affected the thought process. I also have on going problems at home that I have to deal with. Thank you for caring Tracy, at the moment I will stick with the pills.

Wendy x

HI Wendy…

No need to thank me for replying… I work in Mental Health & understand what an impact depression can have on your life.

Hope you find the right meds & please consider some therapy alongside if you’re up to it…


Tracy x

Wendy I love my Citolopram and know if I dont take them


Yes me too Don, but apparently it doesn’t work well if you take fish oil. I’ve started back on fish oil and waiting to see if I feel any differnt, so far so good.

Wendy x

I’ve been on Citralopram for 8 years now and 6 months ago my dose was doubled on the suggestion of my MS Nurse

I suffer from fatigue and it’s always with me it’s just a matter of how much! It got to the stage last year that I wasn’t able to work. During my appointment with the MS Nurse I told him how heavy the fatigue was and that it hung around for days and rarely lifted. Having reviewed my medication he thought that in addition to the ‘traditional’ ms fatigue I may be suffering from clinical depression as I had some classic symptoms apart actually feeling down or depressed. So on a trial I went from 20mg to 40mg, after a few days the difference was remarkable. The heavy fatigue lifted and I could function, think and my humour was back. I returned to work and my colleagues told me that I was different and like ‘your old self’.

However over the past few weeks ive noticed that in addition to the MS fatigue, the familiar heaviness is back and the depressive symptoms are back. I’ve spoken to the GP who advised that I couldn’t go any higher as 40mg was the maximum dose.

So now I’m looking into either some supplementary medication or a completely new Antidepressant.

Has anyone else had the same kind of experience or may be suggest a way forward.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.