Anti-depressants ?


I just wanted to get some oppinions on anti-depressants. I have been seriously depressed over the last few months. I haven’t been coping at all. I was diagnosed in June, so this is probably very natural. I have been taking St John’s Wort for several years and this has really helped me. It doesn’t seem to be helping much now though. I am taking a Mindfulness course and the relaxation techniques are really helping but I seem to have this constant anxiety in my stomach, as if something terrible is going to happen.

I have tried Citalopram in the past and had to stop it as it was making me so very anxious that I couldn’t sleep. It was a horrible few weeks. My neurologist has suggested that I try it again. I am very nervous of doing this. Is anyone taking this and what is your oppinion? I really want to go back to work and I would really like to know what the best long term treatment would be.

Any feedback would be very welcome.

Many thanks,


Hey Adrian, sorry to hear you are not feeling too great. I’ve never taken prescribed anti - depressants but I find that Kalms are a great relaxant. I also swear by ‘rescue remedy’ for my anxiety, it calms me down instantly, I think it’s produced by Bach. You might also find that talking to someone may help you with things? Particularly on here, where you can talk to people going through the same sort of thing. All the best, Beth

Thanks Beth. I have tried Kalms in the past but I think I am beyond that now. I have been very depressed in the past few months. I am just not coping and the thought of trying to go back to work is just causing me serious anxiety. So i think I need to look for a long term treatment. I will try rescue remedy though.

I think I will just go and talk to my GP and see what she has to say. I do go through weeks where I am feeling OK and then I go through weeks where I feel absolutely awful. I have been out of work since last June and I really need to get back as I am very strapped for cash now. I can’t get benefits. I suppose I just have to bite the bullet. I am a contractor and my last job was really stressful. I had a really bad attack at the begining of the year and I have been really struggling to get back on my feet since. I’m sure it is the same for everyone.

Thanks for your reply Beth. I really appreciate it.

Good health.


Hi Adrian. I have been on citalopram for the last couple of years and I’m in the process of coming off it. I found it really helped me but I guess it’s trial and error. Good luck with what you decide. Xxx

Hi Nikki,

Could i ask you what dose you started on? Why are you coming off it? I think I will give it a go at a very low dose and see how it goes. I suppose I will have to ween myself off SJW beforehand.

Thanks for your reply Nikki. I really appreciate that. Good luck to you too.

Adrian x

I started on 10mg once a day then increased to 20mg which I think is the usual dose. When things were at their absolute worst I actually went up to 40mg for a while to get me through it then went back down to 20mg. I decided to come off them myself. One of the main reasons I was on them is now over and done with and I wanted to see if I could manage without them and my gp agreed. I went into 10mg every day then every other day. I take my last one tomorrow! I really do think they helped me through the worst time of my life and although I didn’t want to take them (it took me ages to pluck up the courage to take one) I’m glad I did. Xxx


I’m just about to start on a low dose of citalopram too. It’s very reassuring to hear from someone that it has worked for. I’ve put off starting it for weeks because I’ve been really worried about the side effects but was persuaded by my gp that I really needed to give it a go so I’m about to take my first one tonight.

Fingers crossed for minimal side effects and that it helps get me through.


Thanks Nikki. Good luck wonderquine. I think I will talk to my GP and give it a go.

Thanks. x

I didnt really have side effects just felt a bit sick at the beggining. wonderquine I was advised to take it in the morning as it can cause insomnia.

Good luck to both of you