which anti-depressants? - HELP!

After the failure of my spinal cord stimulator implant to reduce neuropathic pain I am desperately distressed and hopeless. It was my last chance. For years beforehand I have tried EVERY possible drug to no avail. Many I couldnt tolerate because of my dry eyes - some drugs are very drying such as amitriptyline; I can only go up to 20mg on that so have never been able to establish if a higher dose would have worked.

I feel my future is very bleak. My pain levels for eleven years is severe and the thought of living like this for maybe 30 + years is bleak and I just will n ot carry on like this.

I cant take pleasure in my grandchildren or anything really - pain wipes it out. I dont want to leave them but I know I will have to go early - Zurich is increasingly on the horizon.

I agreed to try anti-depressants because my daughter wants me to give that a try. However the first I have tried (forgotten its name) had really eye drying properties which wake me up and kick off the pain instantly.

Other people on forums say it stops them sleeping. This is a no-no for me; if I dont sleep I will be in agony for all of the following day from the moment I wake. A good nights sleep means I have a window pain free or low level for a few hours after I get up.

Has anyone got any suggestions and advice? I need the drug for depression and anxiety.

With thanks in advance

Susi x

I used to take one called Citalopram if its not the one you didnt get along with… Very successful for me… just made me feel ‘normal’ but did take a good 4 weeks or so to kick in

Hello Susie,I would say choice of medication depends on your symptooms.

It also will depend on what medication you are already taking,plus I sugest while taking AD,s you realy need to see a good councilor to.

I was on Zispin a few years ago and the first 3 weeks I was like speedy on the house work walked everywere and hyper mode then they settled in and after a year and a half I was taken off them with help of a good councilor I seen every two weeks.

Some times if medication is prescribed and after 28 days you do not feel any improvement then they maybe the wrong meds for you and something else needs to be prescribed a good doctor will give you the right meds,bad one will just shove a prescription at you and see you in a months time.

Now I felt much better with lots of help.

I wish you well.


Have been taking Citalopram for the last year or so no side effects and it works a treat for me.

my wonderful gp prescribed citalopram when he first referred me to a neuro. 4 years and no side effects for me.

it does seem a popular one, so if you haven’t tried it already you should give it a go. but as already been said it takes a good few weeks to kick in.

good luck

wishing you some relief very soon

carole xxx

I have tried several a.d.s but now I have citalopram it really works a treat. I have no side effects with this one either, which is a complete change from all the other ones I had. Good luck with your choice, whatever one you go for.


Guess what guys? The antidepressant I was referring to is the one you are all saying was/is fine for you - citalopram. As well as the dryer eyes (iwhen it’s bad it really is dreadful tho’ it sounds nothing, unless you have it), it also kept waking me up and I had a banging headache. I really have too much to deal with post operatively on top of lots lots lots symptoms courtesy 40+ years relapse and progression to cope with more try outs of meds. The op was because medication either didn’t work or i couldn’t tolerate - and I have tried every poss pain med. So I think I am going to give up on them after I give mirtazapine a whirl… Thanks for all your replies Sushi x

Hi Susie,

have you been given any medication to treat the dry eyes? There must be something out there that will treat that then you would possibly be able to take a higher dose of pain relief/anti -depressant.


Hi Susie, I suffer quite badly from anxiety done to my drugs my GP has recently put me on a beta blocker called propranolol hydrochloride 40mg three times a day, they have really helped me to stay calm and stop panicking over everything, as you probably know anxiety and depression are really closely linked, so maybe these would help you. Best of luck I hope you find something soon Jane x

Thanks for all your replies. I am really sorry that I don’t know how to reply to each. The old site was user friendly - this isnt! I have been taking mirtazapin and tho my eyes are very dry I can cope with this level. It takes a good 4 - 6 weeks to work and I don’t expect miracles. Anne-Marie, I use Simple eye ointment plus others. My eye specialist puts plugs in tear drops but they tend to fall out between apps. I am seeing a therapist at the moment who is very good. I am lucky to have her because she tells me Islington, Haringey and Enfield worse access to psychological services nationally. Warm thanks to all Susi x

Ditto - took years of being moved from one to another before I found it, but V glad I finally(?) did