another Spine MRI ?

I recieved a letter today saying the radiologist has requested for me to have another MRI on my spine in more detail next week! talk about being quick! now to me that sounds like bad news? What are your feelings towards this??


Poppy xx

scary as it may feel, it’s great news that they are looking at you and not wasting time.

hope you get the answers you want next week.

good luck, let us know how you get on


Hi Poppy, it could simply mean that they didn't get a very clear image the first time round and aren't sure of what they can see... so want a clearer image.

I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that it's bad news. Quite possible they want a clearer image and fitted you into a spare appointment time. Interesting that it's the radiologist who's requested it, not the neuro, which really does make me think there's a problem with the clarity of the original image.

Try not to worry. 

Pat x

Wow that is rather strange. There could be a few reasons for this - either they've noticed something and what a better look or what they have got wasn't good enough or wasn't exactly what the neurologist wanted. Perhaps speak to them when you go for your scan or alternately you can always ring the neuro's secretary and see if she knows.

It is positive that they're being thorough though. Will have my fingers crossed that alls well for you.

Keep us posted.



I would say don't speculate on it, just have the extra MRI. It proves they are being thorough, whatever the reasons. I also think that as it is the radiologist it is probably an unclear image or something. And above all, don't worry. (easier said than done, I know LOL)