2nd mri within a month - why would this be

Hi I was diagnosed with ms following my first attack in Jan.

I saw a new neuro in March who said it’s a CIS and sent me for another mri. I had this 2 weeks ago and actually rang today to see when I will get the results. I was told a follow up appointment is planned for me in May. I get in today to a letter asking me to attend another MRI bnk holiday Monday. No reason given and I was not advised about this on the phone. All MRI’s have been of the head as will this one.

Any ideas why I need another one so soon?

Hi Humbug, it’s possible they didn’t get a clear enough image and want to try again. It’s also possible they may want to try an MRI with ‘contrast’ which can give a better image.

And it’s possible it’s an error. If I were you I’d call on Monday just to double-check.

Pat x