Weird phone call??? Help

So finally had my MRI on Friday morning, I just received a call asking for another urgent scan. Apparently they trained to call me Friday afternoon (I did receive a missed call but from an unknown number so couldn’t return it)

the radiologist sad the consultant needs a “clearer look at the object” so has booked me in for this week.

Has as anyone else had this? What do you think should I now start being more concerned?

Thanks everyone.

Hi Sammy lea it could just mean that when you scan was looked at by the consultant he wasn’t happy with the clarity of the pictures and before he can sign off his report for your consultant he wants to be sure of his facts. In these days of litigation etc they are extremely careful. I saw a neurosurgeon who sent me for a repeat mri as he wasn’t happy with the quality of one I’d had done at another hospital Try not to stress yourself out they always want to be 100% sure of their findings.

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When I was being diagnosed, I was certainly booked in for a repeat scan to examine things in more detail. I don’t remember it being marked as “urgent”, but then I was on BUPA. Unlike the NHS, they probably don’t need to specify it as “urgent”, as everything happens within a few days anyway - there are no 12-week waits.