and so it begins........big day for me tomorrow

First ever delivery of Copaxone arrives tomorrow morning with my MS coming out on Wednesday to train me. If my consultant hadn’t made so many mistakes such as forgetting to apply for funding and leaving me a year after my first ever MRI cos he did not make the note to order a follow up appointment I would have started this 15 months ago so it’d better help me lol. Sh*t scared to be honest but know I am doing the right thing.

hi amanda

yes its a big deal having to inject yourself on a daily basis but once you get your head around it, copaxone is easy.

just make sure that you moisturise your skin because it maked the injections easier

if you have any problems, ring the connections helpline.

they are great, copaxone nurses who know a lot and are keen to help.

they will even come out to you

carole x

I am on Copaxone and been on it for just over a year. Biggest tip I can give you, do not have a bath or shower just before your injection. No one gave me that advice so learnt that the painful way (once)!


You will be fine, i was amazed at quickly how i got used to self injecting. Just takes a little practice, which the nurse will guide you through.

I had a long wait for funding to be passed. From last april till christmas. Not as long as yours tho.

Good luck.


Why bother?## A 2004 Cochrane review concluded that Glatiramer acetate “did not show any beneficial effect on the main outcome measures in MS, i.e. disease progression, and it does not substantially affect the risk of clinical relapses.”

In its pivotal trial of 251 patients, after two years Copaxone failed to show any advantage in halting disability progression.


I don’t think you throwing out random facts right now is what Amanda needs to hear or was posting about.

A bit of friendly encouragement and sympathy would be much more helpful. If you can’t/won’t do that then try not saying anything at all.


Sorry to hear it’s taken you such a long time to get to this point, but it’s there now and im sure with your nurses support it will be a doddle! I am glad you are confident in your decision, good luck in the future xx

Hi Amanda

I have only just read this. I am in a similar position with my first delivery of Copaxone due to arrive on Wednesday 1st May.

I thought long and hard before making the decision to have these injections and eventually decided on the one with least side effects, but I do hope there is going to be some benefit for injecting every day.