An achievement, of a kind (not MS!)

I’ve just finished a 1000-piece jigsaw that had been lying unfinished since Christmas! I’d managed nearly all of it by January some time, but there were about 15-20 pieces left, of more-or-less featureless sky, that I’ve been trying every which way, but couldn’t get them to go!

This afternoon my internet went down for a while, which kept me off here, and made me have to look around for something else to do. I thought: “Right, I’ll have one last go at that bloody puzzle!” I’d been on the point of puuting it back in the box unfinished, which I’ve never, ever, done before.

Well, it was worth one final go, because suddenly, as if by magic, all the pieces went in. Quite quickly, too, so I don’t know what was the problem the last ten times I tried. You must have to be in a certain mode, which I obviously hadn’t been, 'til now.

So, I’m really pleased. I can gaze at in in satisfaction for a couple of days, before starting another one. I’ve got a beautiful one of a Japanese bride I can’t wait to do. I can order a new one without feeling guilty, too. I’ve put off buying more, while there’s one I still haven’t finished for so long.

I noticed this week that jigsaw sales have reached a record high, due to the cold weather, so I’m not alone in my hobby.


I heard jigsaw sales have gone up by 30% because of recent weather, Tina!

My 8yr old son loves them and whilst he is off school for the holidays we have done 3 (500 piece ones)

Yesterday i decided that there must be some pieces missing and was sat puzzled as to where they had gone to. At this point my son said “mum you are doing it wrong!” and he began to rearange what i had done and put them in the correct places.

I can’t blame my ms brain for everything can i?

He is already better than me on the computer!



I’ve always fancied getting a jigsaw for myself, only problem is it means i have to sit on a cold floor as I don’t have any space for anything but basics in my flat. I haven’t done them since I was a kid and I really could do with something to give my brain a bit of a workout.

I understand the mode thing as you say, I have to be in the frame of mind to watch TV, read or even just listenening to music. I can watch TV and become bored in 5 mins, I can read and I’m basically just looking at words and music can just annoy me.

We MSers are a strange species lol.

Blimey, I haven’t had a jigsaw in years, but you’ve just inspired me!

Well done

Congratulations :slight_smile:

I’m a jigsaw fan too although I have to be careful because bending over a table for too long gives me migraine :frowning:

My husband decided to give me a challenge one Christmas and bought me some of those ones that are images made up of tiny photos. Impossible! All three went to the charity shop, two unopened! I’m happy to stick to the challenging, but not toooooo hard ones :slight_smile:

Actually, you’ve made me realise that I haven’t done one I got for Christmas this year… Now, all I need to do is remember where I put it!

Karen x

I’m not a jigsaw fan at all but my addiction is code words. You know the ones where you substitute letters for numbers. I know just what you mean about coming back the next day and finding everything solved in a few minutes that you struggled with yesterday.

Thankfully my hobby is just a small book and a pencil not the space hogger that is a crossword.


Congratulations, but did you find Wally?

Wb x

Well done Tina, I bought my o/h a jigsaw for Christmas and so far he’s had it out once, looked for the edge pieces and put it away again. I think I wasted my time. So congratulations on completing it.



I was given a Wentworth jigsaw. It was only 250 pieces but it took ages to do. There are straight edges in the middle of the jigsaw and some of the pieces of the perimeter of the puzzle aren’t straight! There’s also strange pieces relating to the jigsaw topic - this was a leopard but some of the pieces were in the shapes of snakes, deer frogs etc.

I also liked it as the pieces are wooden and therefore a little bit thicker than normal ones so easier for me to pick up with my numb fingers! Also it fitted on one of those beanbag lap trays so I could have it on my knee quite comfortably.

There are loads of different designs, you can get every puzzle in about 4 different sizes and if you wanted a real challenge you can ask for it without the picture on the box to help you!!

I’ve created a wishlist as I’ve become addicted and people never know what to get for me. I’m about to start one of Whitby, looking down the 199 steps towards the sea and town.

Maybe you can tell I’m slightly obsessed by them - if you’re interested just google wentworth jigsaws.

Oh, and well done Tina for completing yours!

Sarah x

Hi Tina

Well done . Sometimes it’s the little achievements that give us the most pleasure.

I have a jigsaw which is on a puzzle board under the bed half finished and it has been there for a year (actually it moved house with us in August in that state!). I’m sure one day I will finish it but, as you say, you have to be in the right frame of mind for a jigsaw session. Perhaps I too need a day when the internet is out of action?

I prefer word puzzles these days but sometimes I can’t even do them with the brain fog. Then I look at the same puzzle afresh the next day and it’s so easy.

Tracey x

It’s nice to see so many other enthusiasts for this harmless hobby. I suppose when the rock-climbing and abseiling is definitely out, it’s something most of us can still enjoy.

I do find them really addictive. I was most annoyed when I got stuck on this one. It’s one of those where it’s very hard to tell if you’ve made a mistake, because many pieces are still a good fit anyway, so I was having to look really hard for anwhere the joins didn’t look quite as perfect as they should be. I’d taken some bits apart and put them back together multiple times, still with no success - before it literally just fell together yesterday. It seemed so easy, I still don’t know what the problem was before.

The only thing that may have changed is natural light has been improving, the past few days, as days lengthen, and we’ve finally had a bit of sunshine. So I may have been able to see subtle gradations in tone, that I just couldn’t, when it was dull and dingy all the time.

I do the jigsaw on a board on the floor, but do get a bit stiff lying around on the floor, and getting up and down again. I could do it on a table, which is a foldaway, but takes up quite a lot of space, and a lot of effort to keep putting away and unfolding all the time. The board can just slide under the sofa, and it’s out of the way, so very easy to clear up when I’m not using it.