Aha! Bet my post`s title has got some of you wondering what this is all about eh?

Never fret guys, it`s nowt they can touch you for…but a few weeks ago, I ordered a jigsaw folding board and bought a 500 piece jigsaw.

I was getting quite excited about a new interest…actually got fed up of sewing at last…ie after 60 masks, 40 cushions, a dozen aprons, umpteen tote bags…and more.

Well the board came and chuffin eck! Its massive and I cant reach from one bit to t`other. I opened the jigsaw box, found all the edges and saw the huge task lying before me…it was all too much for my stupid body to cope with.

So it`s gone part to charity and part to family.

Now I do free jigsaws on line. I`m comfortable with up to 120 pieces. I do them daily and really enjoy it.

If anyone wants more info, google jigidi free on line jigsaws and join me in the fun!


Hi Bouds I must admit I took a double take at the title! Lol. I do a similar thing to you mine is painting by numbers all free and definitely whiles away the day.

Pam x

i need to start painting again.

watercolours and acrylics.

It takes ages though to set up and clear away so not on the horizon any time soon.

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Hi Bouds, like you I decided to have a go at a jigsaw, bought the folding board and a 1000 piece jigsaw, OMG I just couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t cope with it, mentally and physically, gosh it made my fatigue so much worse and my brain couldn’t cope with trying to decide which piece went were, even with hubbies help, very frustrating. anyway the good thing to come out of it is that hubby loves them, result. Me…I’ll carry on reading, although at times I struggle with that too, can’t hold a book, have a kindle which I prop on a cushion and can’t always remember what I’ve read, oh the joys.

Jean x

I too like jigsaws - 1000 piece ones. The issue I have is once I’ve finished I have to get someone else to dismantle it and pass it on - can’t dismantle it myself!

As for doing the same jigsaw twice !!!

But it is very relaxing.


I did wonder where this was leading ? lol

I had to google jigsaw addiction and i found this

Jigsaw puzzles provide a challenge that gives this goal-seeking behaviour an outlet. With each puzzle piece found, the puzzler gets a little hit of dopamine, which soothes the brain, and this reward then climaxes with the puzzle’s completion.” Jigsaw puzzles allow you to see the progress you’re making”


Christmas is coming! Ask Santa for a pillo pad or one of the cheaper versions you can get (exacly the same), use mine all the time! One of the best things I’ve bought.

I love jigsaws, I was doing a 3d one, Big Ben and my very ill dog had an accident all over the last few pieces, took ages to get replacements!

Just to add, this puzzle did not used to have numbered pieces nor the internal structure it does now! Which is why it took months to get replacements!

Personally I am not good with jigsaws! My sister loves the big ones like you. In lockdown I have become fascinated by card making.

Whatever you do, enjoy. It is a great release to have a hobby.

Anne xx


what a thing to happen to your jigsaw!

Hope the dog is getting better.


It was many years ago poor Reg died 15 years ago, he had EPI, which seems easier to diagnose now and more common. (exocrine pancreatic insufficancy) it was horrible, but once he got the right treat ment he lived a good life for another 12 years, he was only 3 when he was dx, he was a lovely boy (GSD) he and Mr Woo, Little and large! lol.

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Why not try the smaller on line ones I do?


I used to draw and paint, I loved doing it but since the onset of MS the hassle setting up and clearing away after puts me off now, I would often spend hours drawing and painting. I now say one day I will get back to it!

Magnificent dogs so cute as pups! Used to walk him miles! ,too many when he was 5 months old, hubby had to come and pick us up! But chinese cresteds are magnificent too, keep you entertained all day.

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If we`re talking dog addiction, I have my best little friend in all the world…Sophie, my white toy poodle. She went to the poodle parlour yesterday and is all beautiful for Christmas.