Can’t believe it, yet another relapse, every time they take me up to the spaceship for yet more experiments I have another relapse! I’ve been trying to think how to communicate with them to make them aware of the damage they’re causing, anyone got any ideas??

If you find the right wavelength, please let us know.

I hope you feel better soon.




Do you have a lawn in your garden? Make a crop circle in the grass and make them aware of the damage by communicating it in binary. It don’t understand binary myself so couldn’t translate the words for you, sorry.

Sorry about that, on a more serious note you could write to your neurologist. Sometimes there just isn’t time at an appoitment to discuss much before time runs out. Send the letter by email to the neurologists secretary and then telephone the secretary in a few days to make sure they have passed the letter on.

Thanks for the reply folks, No I’m not really crazy (well maybe a bit) but I think I’ts a better explanation for my relapses than the one I normally get . Love and best wishes to everyone Mully

Oh Mully! So sorry to hear that you’re relapsing. Sending you lots of positive energy beams and hope you bob up back to the surface soon. Love from Tracyann xx

Its not aliens - its demonic possession. Thats my theory as to why bits of my body do things without me telling it to. My demon seems to have possessed my left leg mainly - with occasional forays into other parts (like a busmans holiday).

As as yet - no-one has proved me wrong!!! Anyone know where I can find a left leg exorcist?

JBK xx

You could slip some Thornton’s chocolates in your pocket :smiley: Hope you feel better soon x