Name change and relapse

Hello everyone, I have posted a few times here but have just changed my username as I think some family members will start to use the site soon and wanted to keep some privacy. I saw neuro 2 weeks ago, positive lumbar puncture, e.p’s consistent of demylenating disease and a lesion at c5/7 four years ago but still not wanting to give a def dx. Ironically since seeing neuro’s registrar I have been having a worsening relapse with leg feeling hot/burning/cold and weak spreading to my waist. Spoke to neuro sec, (neuro on holiday) sec is brilliant and spoke to ms nurse who I have not been in contact with yet who spoke to and arranged my first course of oral steroids which I started this morning. Had a bit of a meltdown last night as all becoming very ‘real’ now. Feeling a little better emotionally this morning, and a LOT better having spoken to people who actually know or have some idea of how I am feeling. A big, big thank you to the secretary and the ms nurse who made me feel believed yesterday, it was very much appreciated. Ms is a very lonely illness to those who have silent symptoms, Sending lots of love to all who need it, Orchid x

Dear Orchid.

Glad to hear you are getting some support now.

We are here to listen to you too hun.

Hope the latest relapse soon gets on it`s bike!