amitriptyline when does the groggyness go away


I have been put on Amitriptyline , have been taking this for the last ten days at 10 mg dosage but still feel really groggy does this eventually go or decrease?


When are you taking it? I was advised to take mine at approx 7.00 pm to avoid the groggy feeling when I got up.

I am now up to 30mg, I sleep much better with the added bonus of not waking to use the toilet, I do sleep later about 7.30 but I feel ok no more groggy than usual.

Jan x

i take it at 6pm , said to my GP can i take it at 5pm to stop this groggy ness and she said yes but not any earlier


I have been on amitriptyline since the beginning of May. I started out on 10mg and was told to take it just before i go to bed.

I am now on 70mg which i take about 10 minutes before i get into bed.

If for some reason i wake up after a couple of hours i feel really groggy but i soon fall back asleep. I never feel groggy in the morning.

I work shifts as well so when i am on morning’s i will take my amitriptyline around 10pm and i get up the next morning at 4.45am and feel ok. If i am on nights i take my dose on a Sunday night before bed and then my next dose is on the Tuesday morning after my night shift. This seems to work ok for me.

If you continue to feel groggy on amitriptyline it might be worth seeing if your Dr has something else you could try.

thanks for the replies I will try it for a few more weeks and if still groggy try something else


Hi Trish, 10 days may not be long enough to gauge whether or not Amitriptylene is for you but, should this persist for another x-number of weeks, you may want to consider Nortriptylene - I couldn’t tolerate the Amitrip but found the latter fine and I now take 50mg a night between 7.30-9.00pm without much of an effect - the pain relief is wonderful!!

thanks andy

Hi Trish. When I was Prescribed 10mg Of Amitryptline at first I cut the tablet in half for a week until I got used t it and it worked.



thanks Mary

think it is slowly getting better though it has hit my legs , I was thinking of doing that