Thoughts on taking Amitriptyline?

Hi guys.

I have been prescribed amitriptyline to (possible, probably, maybe, might, and all other words apart from definitely) help me to deal with numb sensation in my legs(kinda similar being stuck in the mud i guess).

Now i used to take them before, this medication made me feel very tried. At that time i couldn’t afford to be tired all the time so I decided to stop after a week and a half. I was only on 1 tablet a day, 10mg i think ?

I decided to give them another try as Im on holiday. Its been 3 days and I just feel crap like before - tired, sleepy, bad vision etc. and still the same numb sensation in my legs.

Question is: should I bother wasting few weeks of my holiday on this meds and feel like crap hoping for a miracle or should I just throw them in the bin like i did before ?

I have adopted the advice given by others; to only take my Amitriptyline before bedtime. Perhaps this means that one can sleep through the worst of the common side effects. Regards, Anthony

do you take is for pain in your legs ?

I take 50mg for the burning, buzzing sensations in my feet. It doesn’t get rid of it completely but it makes it bearable. I always take mine after tea. I reckon you need to take it 12 hours before you need to be properly alert (eg driving). Usually gives me a good night’s sleep too!


I take Amitriptyline for hurting, burning feet and legs. And the fact that it helps with sleep is a bonus.

I was given the advice to take it fairly early in the evening, by about 7pm (especially to start with). That way, the drug is out of your system by the morning. So you don’t feel like a zombie the next day.

Previously I had started and stopped taking it for exactly that reason. I was taking it immediately before bed at about 10 or 11 o’clock. Once I changed the time I took the drug, I had no problems.

Now that I am well used to taking it, I can take an Amitriptyline in the middle of the day if necessary and don’t feel any unwanted side effects.

If you’re taking it earlier in the day, or immediately before bed, it’s no wonder you’re feeling crappy. If you need something for the daytime, ask your doctor for a different drug.


I have been taking it for years helps with neuropathic pain and sleep. I take it at bedtime. M x

I take 70 mg along with a concoction of other stuff, I take it all at 7 pm including my bipolar meds that way I don’t get the hangover in the morning,

Ive noticed all of u are talking about the pain and burning. I have none of that. Really dont want to feel like a sack of potato im only 29 :slight_smile:

Just try taking it earlier and see how that goes.

Amitriptyline is usually prescribed for neuropathic pain. Why are you taking it, Anonymous?

My neurologic said, it might, could, should, would, maybe, probably, possibly, theres a chance it will help.

I think maybe you should ask for a different drug as Amitriptyline is usually prescribed for some kind of neuropathic pain. And having side effects that make you feel lousy for zero gain isn’t a good balance (imo).


I appreciate your advice. I will call my gp tomorrow discuss this matter :slight_smile:

Did you know they used to prescribe amitripyline for bed wetting apparently when your asleep it makes you more aware of a full bladder, it’s also a anti depressant.

The only reason I miss Amitriptyline is I didn’t have to get up during the night to empty my bladder when I was taking it.

They used to give it to children to stop them wetting the bed or so I read online so it must be true.

Jan x

Thanks for all the replies guys :), ill call gp tomorrow and see what he says

I was given Amitriptyline to aid with depression, although it was later found it was doing nothing for that. However when i was withdrawn from Amitriptyline i experienced a large increase in the dull nagging pain I always had, and slept quite poorly.

GP came to the conclusion whilst it was not aiding with what it was prescribed for, it was helping with the MS, so i was represcribed it for the treatment of MS. I find as long as I take it at the right time (around an hour before I intend on sleeping) and on a full stomach, it helps greatly.

Be warned however, the side effects can be plentiful and quite strong, and may start to outweigh the benefits at certain doses, I had to negotiate with my GP to find a dose that was good and didn’t cause side effects not worth it.

Recently spoke to my rehabilitation consultant about amitriptyline (prescribed to take 3-4 10mg tabs a day) and he said I could alter the dose according to what I needed. It’s an inexpensive drug and I get the impression it’s a bit like the paracetamol for neuropathic pain. So I take between 2&4 tablets in the evening. Seems to help me sleep and don’t have to get up to use the loo, which is great. Does cause me to have a dry mouth and I understand it can cause ones gums to recede. My initial prescription in 2012 was 1x 10mg tab, but this soon changed to 3-4 tabs. When on leave I tend to only take 2tablets, but find when working I need 4 tablets, as I tend to have worse neuropathic pain. Guess we all have to see what works for us. X

I take 3 at night. But noticed they dont make me sleepy like they used to…i now suffer insomnia. So i dont feel they are working anymore. Now and then i take a break from them , to bring my tolerance level down . I was prescribed them for depression, sleeping aid and pain medication. However theyve been a great help in the past, and would recommend it to anyone. Only bad side effects i had, was dry mouth snd weight gain.