Hi, I’ve been taking amitriptyline for a few months now. Initially I took 25mg for leg jerks and increased it to 50mg because it wasn’t as effective as we hoped. At my neuro appointment we discussed my symptoms and I mentioned the burning sensation in my feet - he suggested I took 75mg each night to sort it out. If that didn’t work then we should try other things. How long would you expect it to take before I know if it’s going to improve the sensations in my feet?I’ve got a very dry mouth as a side effect from this medication and was wondering what other people thought. Thanks S x

I’ve been taking this for two months now, one month 25mg and one at 50mg. I’ve not found it make much difference to my feet to be honest and I don’t like how it makes me feel so I’m going to ask about coming off it soon. They do say it can take a few weeks to notice a difference. Previous to this I tried Gabapentin for two months, which also didn’t have any effect. Hope you find something that suits you soon.

Had it twice now and will no longer have it in the house. Also suffer from depression and have overdosed on it for the second time last week Don’t trust myself around it so gone back to pregabalin.