Amitriptiline & magnesium

Hi all

has anyone taken amitriptyline, I got prescribed this(10mg ) to start by a gp. I wondered if it is any gd for unwanted sensations I.e pins and needles ?Also has anyone found magnesium to be good for cramps ?



Hi Kat, I took Amitriptiline, not too good for me, I’m afraid. Absolutely “zonked” me!!! Not to say it will you though, chances are it will agree with you. Not sure about the magnesium though, 1 I haven’t tried. Good luck with them Tracey x

I use both, was really worried about starting amitriptiline, had my husband cut the small tablet into quarters to start slowly, i wouldnt be without it now. Magnesium is brilliant for cramps, i take a tablet but also use aa spray called better 4 you magnesium oil which i also think really helps xx

Thanks Tracey/Zoe

I’m scared of the amitriptyline too , but will give it a go :)ive got magnesium tabs and a spray so will try them too

Kat x

I used to be a bit scared of amitriptyline - when I first took it I thought there was a big ‘hangover’ type side effect the next day so I stopped. A few years later I tried again, for pins & needles, pain etc. surprisingly I managed so much better. I was advised to take it in the evening, a good couple of hours before going to bed. This way there’s enough time for any unwanted effects to wear off by morning. I started with 10mg and increased to between 20 and 30mg. Nowadays I’m so used to it I can take one in the middle of the afternoon if I have burning type pains and have no ill effects. It can be a really useful drug if you start very slowly and ensure you take it early enough.



I have been on Amitriptyline for over a year. I started off on 10mg and got up to 90mg a day.

I have now reduced the dose back down to 20mg at night. As I have been put on some more drugs for pain.

As long as you increase the dose slowly you will be fine.

I take it about 3 hours before I go to bed that way I seem to fall asleep as soon as I am in bed. Other wise I would lie awake ages if I took it later.

Hi kat my gp put me on 10mg amitriptyline 6 weeks ago take 2 at night i was experiencing awful muscle cramps in my legs they have helped a lot and actually get some sleep . Lynda

I started on 5mg in the evening but increased the dose to 10mg and although it has helped me to zonk out at the evening as I had restless, twitching legs in the evenings. My gp said not to drive within 12 hrs of taking them so I’m trying to take them no later than 8pm. I haven’t really found they’ve helped with the pins and needles, but my twitching has stopped and Im sleeping through now which is great news. Ive just finished a course of IV steroids so hoping that I’ll be on the way to recovery from this relapse shortly. Good luck x

Hi Kat

Have been on Amitriptyline for few weeks. 1 take 1 10mg most nights, and sleep all night, pain free. - First time for months.(Don’t take one when I have couple of wines with dinner, think that could be dangerous) I freaked when I looked them up, an antidepressant, so when the locum who prescribed them (on advice from my MS nurse), he was really patient and explained that my 6 - 8 baclofen a day only treated the nerve endings, i.e. the tips of my fingers & toes, whereas the Amitriptyline not only is an anti-depressant, but is used to treat the stem of the nerve, so relaxes the muscles to the wrist /ankles and base of the fingers and toes.

He drew me some kindergarten pictures and convinced me that I should take yet another med on top of all the others. So drinking a couple of wines 2ish days a week, as I don’t want to becomes addicted to the bloody pills. (My excuse, & I’m sticking to it.)

Take care - & let us know how you get on with them

Mary x

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