Hi all

l asked my ms nurse about the cramps and my leg jumping at night she told me to double the 20mg amitriptyline to 40mg per night, but to let her know if l had bother with my eyes.

Does anyone take 40mg or have eye bother with them, l put a stone on while taken the 20mg in a year so very worryed about 40mg many thank take care Regards Jan xx


I take 50mg at night without any problems. Great for stopping the leg jerks! I haven’t put any weight on either, but we all react differently to different medications.

Sarah x

I take up to to 50mg too with no ill effects

I have just been prescribed these to add to my portfolio although at the moment only 10 mg at night but I can see that increasing as twice last night I had to wake my wife up to help lift my leg back into bed such are the spasms.

hi Stefos 30, l do hope they work for you its my right leg so its in the middle of the bed regards jan

Hi, I`m on 75mg at night and have no eye problems.

it hasn`t caused me any weight gain, but it does for some folk.

I take it for nerve pain.

I take quinine and baclofen for jumpy legs at night.

Try drinking tonic water too.

luv Pollx

l was taking 25mg Amitriptyline - but l did find l had put weight on - so l have lowered the dose to 10mg. But l now take 450mg magnesium at night. lt works well with cramp/spasms - but it is also a laxative - so do be aware. Magnesium is what the old Fynnon Salts/Epsom Salts was made from. lts worth a try as it does not have side effects. l bought mine from Holland and Barrett [on offer].


I take 70mg at night time. It has worked for me fantastic. The down side is that i am now snoring so loud that i awaken the whole house. Ear plugs no good says hubbs.


I agree magnesium is excellent for cramps/spams, I think it has made me feel less slugish too. I use the spray and apply it to my skin, that way you avoid the laxative effect (something I don’t need!), I got it at H&B and it’s called magnesium oil, but it isn’t an oil.


I take 75mg Amitriptyline which helps with the neuropathic pain and helps me sleep, continuing the thread… Upbeat and cheery? There’s 2 ‘helps’ there, take care, hope you have a good weekend M

Hi all

Many thanks for your replys l am putting it up too 40 and l hope it does the trick. Its so good to know you guys are here to help. you all take care

Regards Jan xx

Hi Jan,

I took it for nerve pain went up to 70mg . I had no side effects but it just did not work for me. I was changed to Baclofen and Clonazepam for the spasms and also Pregabalin which worked much better. If the 40 doesnt work it may be worth trying one of the others its often a matter of experimenting. Take care x