Amantadine - will it help muscle fatigue?

Muscle fatigue is my biggest problem. I can walk, with a stick, but after, say, twenty paces, my legs just give up. A short two minnute rest, then another twenty paces. I can manage two hundred yards this way. Sometimes, whilst walking, it seems like my right leg becomes stuck to the ground. An immediate short rest, then off I go again!

Amantadine has often been recommended for fatigue on this forum, but I think ‘sleepy’ fatigue is what is meant. I don’t need to sleep to recover, a short rest relieves my muscle fatigue for a while.

Will amantadine, or anything else help me?

John H.

Hi John, I’m also interested in other people’s experience of amantadine for fatigue, but the kind of energy-sucking, cog-fog type of fatigue. Has anyone tried it? Did it help you? Do you take it in the morning and night, or just at night?

Hopefully there are some people out there who can help us both!

Hi John, thats a very interesting post and I’m sorry to reply when I cant help. But, what I wanted to say is that that is also how I feel. I do not take amantadine because I do not suffer from the fatigue that many on here have. But, I also walk a few paces, then a rest, then a few more paces. My walking is very bad and I always need something to hold on to. I get up, walk a few paces, reach where I am going, sit-down to do something, my legs recover. In fact I get to bed at night and say my legs are tired with the effort of climbing the stairs but once I’m in bed a couple of minutes, I say to myself that I am not tired. Does this make sense. My legs are tired but I’m not! Cheryl:-)

Hi All, You might find this useful - Andy

Surely the symptoms you describe are aused by fatigue?



I am the one that started this thread, hoping to find out if Amantadine would help muscle fatigue, however no real answer.
Anyway, the only way to find out is to try it! I have just 'phoned my GP’s surgery and asked if I could try the drug. A lovely girl said she would ask the doctor for a prescription and post it to my chemist.
If she doesn’t 'phone back by six pm, I can expect my chemist to deliver it tomorrow.
Simple !

John H

Hi again John, good luck with the amantadine, be really interested to hear if it helps with your muscle fatigue. Keep us posted please. I don’t think my symptoms are caused by fatigue, not the sleepy kind anyway, I’m not sleepy in the least, just my legs are tired from the effort of walking, once I stop walking the tiredness in my legs goes. Cheryl:-)


Same here! Apparantly, it will work within a week, or not.
I’ll post the result.