fatigue meds?

Hi All,

does anyone know of ANY meds that would help with fatigue please?

no posts on AMANTADINE please as i have tried this and tbh,it wasnt woprth me gettin it out of packet.

ty in advance



Modafinil has worked for me, but there has been a crackdown on off label prescribing of it so it’s harder to get for new patients now. It’d be worth asking though.

Karen x

thnx karen,

have an ms appnt tomorrow so will definately ask for it.


What is meant by ‘fatigue’? I don’t want to sleep during the day. My problem is that my legs get extremely ‘fatigued’ and I have to stop for a two minute rest every twenty yards or so. My right leg just stops working, but recovers quickly.

Will amantadine or anything else help?

John H

I second Karen on mods fail my wake me up pill Min xx