Fatigue ?

Hi Everyone

I was wondering can anyone give advice on fatigue i wake up some days with no energy at all feels hard work to even walk. I want to know what can help ease this or is there any medication i could take and if so how does it help and is there any side effects with them and also when i feel like this i get very bad muscle craps. Any advise would be great full thank you

Take Care

Hi Dave.

Fatigue has always been my worst symptom :frowning:

The MSS and the MS Trust both do free booklets on it - you might find some good advice in them. (They are free to download and to order.)

There are two main meds for MS-related fatigue: amantadine and modafinil. Unfortunately they don’t work for everyone, but they are definitely worth trying if fatigue is a problem. Amantadine didn’t work for me, but modafinil has honestly transformed my life - I don’t even need to nap most days any more!

Getting the prescription will depend on how helpful your GP and / or neuro is though.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Karen x