Amantadine and fatigue

I have heard that amantadine helps fatigue. My problem is that I don’t know what is meant by fatigue. I don’t want to sleep during the day. When I walk any distance, say 100 yards, my legs get very tired ‘fatigued’ and I have to rest for a couple of minutes every 20 yards. With frequent rests I can walk quite far.
Do you think amantadine would help my ‘leg fatigue’?

John H

I’m sorry but I’m not sure. I have tried amantidine for the more general fatigue and I found that it made me even more tired/spaced out! Have you tried speaking to your ms nurse or gp about it?

Hi there

My fatigue affects every bit of me - especially my legs and arms. I’ve found amantadine brilliant at helping me walk the dog again and as a teacher circulate the class more regularly.

Definitely see what your MS nurse thinks!


I have to say the same thing, not sure it would help. I took Amantadine, for 7 months it was the best thing ever, I felt almost normal again After all that time strange things started happening to me and I had to stop taking it. I am still trying out different drugs, nothing as yet is working, I feel very tired all the time and sleep for England.

I have had MS for 9 years now and like you I walk a while and if I sit down I can carry on a distance. I don’t think Amantadine makes any difference to that, I’m no expert but think that is part and parcel of MS. Marilyn x

Modafanil for me I call it my wake me up tablet it’s great. min xx

Hi John,

Amantadine didn’t work for me, but I think anything is worth a try. I was started on a low dose and gradually increased it to my upper recommended level without any impact, but give it a go, what have you got to lose.

Good luck



I’ve had MS for years, its now SPMS. A big problem is stiffness in my legs. Drugs like amantadine will not be of any use in this case, is this correct?

When out in the garden doing weeding etc I do run out of puff/energy, Do you think something like amantadine will help in this case?