Am I a wus?

Hello all and let’s hope that this heat wave is soon just a mirage.

I am wondering if anyone might know the answer to my question; I saw a chiropractor a couple of weeks ago and no doubt by my twinging and wincing, he hinted that I have a low pain threshold. But as I have had MS for most of my life, I assume that my nervous system has been battered, so surely that in itself could account for the discomfort? Or am I just a wus?

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I don’t have a low pain threshold in general, so I don’t think it’s an intrinsic part of MS. However, IF someone tried to mess with a bit of me that’s currently affected by MS (I get a lot of sore muscles etc.) THEN, obviously, I would find it more painful than someone who didn’t have a problem in that area. Tina x

Hi Moira, no hun, you are not a wuss.

With all you had to endure, I am not surprised you have a low pain threshold.

I do too!

Folk make out I am wussy too, but let them try our lives for a while, eh? and they`ll soon think differently. Humph!

luv Pollx

I don’t have a low pain threshold in general either.

There doesn’t appear to be any symptom common to all MSers but if there are lesions where pain signals are interpreted it seems to make sense that MS could cause a low pain threshold.

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Hi Moira i have a high pain threshold getting hooks in my hand all the time when i was fishing just snip and carried on and on Sept 11th attacks in the USA that morning my back went into a spasm i was still on the boat fishing but that was the end for me as when we returned to the harbour i was brought home and plonked on the settee and there i stayed for 7 days watching to horrors unfold but im a firm beleiver if it hurts or hurts like ell just because you say im in pain doesnt make you a wuss so with that in mind i hope it eases for you soon and you have a bit of pain freee time to come

respect sheep

Hello Moira I am sure you are not a wus. Last time I went for what was to be a relaxing aromatherapy massage, turned out to be quite a painful experience…never again. Too many tender spots. X

Hello Tina, Poll, Vithfari & Sheep,

Thank you for getting back to me. I am starting to think that I might be a bit of a wuss, but it could be that the MS is busy attacking my shoulders at the moment as that was the was ‘the crunch’.

Best wishes,


Hello Blossom,

Thank you for getting back to me. I had already thanked the first four that wrote so I didn’t want you to think that I had ignored your comment. I bet that the pain you felt with this massage was much the same as I had. Best wishes,