Pain threshold lower is this normal??

Morning I have a bit of an emotional week this week as its my nuro apt on Friday and I have no idea what he is going to say anyway … I went away for the weekend with my Bessie and did a little swimming - very little as my arms couldn’t handle it. Then on sat night I had my first evert ms hug - it lasted hours and was really horrible & painful :frowning: but yesterday I started to get muscle strain on my abs, it hurts to breath walk sit stand lie down etc etc. I couldn’t sleep last night as it hurt his it normal to feel pain more than normal?? And is it normal to have strained my abs from 5 mins or very very slow swimming?? I’m confused and upset :frowning: bloody ms x

Ruth yes, you’re not going mad. When you’ve had pain for a long time, especially nerve pain, your body goes on “high alert” and any sensation is perceived as pain. That’s the explanation my Neuro gave me. It’s not psychological, you actually do feel pain, your reflexes will also be on high alert, if you bump your knee even slightly it’ll jump like they’ve hit you really hard testing that reflex. You’ll need to be put on painkillers especially for nerve pain like Gabapentin or Amitriptyline. Don’t go beating yourself up, it’s a nervous system thing.

Cath xx

Thanks cath I’ve had to phone in sick at work which is not like me at all I can’t believe the pain :frowning: I’m at the docs this aft and my nuro on Friday so ill ask him for pain relief x

Oh poor you Ruth! As Cath says, pain can feel much worse with MS (or sometimes much less… I once dropped a full tin of baked beans on my bare toes… swelled up and went black… but didn’t hurt at all). That is what the nervous system is like with MS… goes haywire. Are you on Amitriptyline or Gabapentin? These will both help. The hug is absolutely horrible… painful and scary. I have a list of tips that have helped me… please tell me if you would like me to copy/paste on here. Glad you are seeing Gp and neuro. Don’t be brave… tel them exactly how bad it is. And as Cath says, don’t go beating yourself up and don’t beat yourself up about phoning in sick either. Really hoping you get something to help off GP this afternoon. Pat xx

Oh just realised my tips on HUG are on my broken laptop… am using ipad. Well I’ll list the main tips here… they might be of use: Do not wear a bra. They irritate the muscles between the ribs which go into spasm causing hug. Wear only lose clothing. Avoid big meals… small and often are better. Sometimes I find eating something small, like bowl of cereal, actually helps for a while. Do not have hot bath or shower… and keep as cool as poss without being cold. Try lying completely flat on bed (not even a pillow). If that doesn’t help, try different positions. Some people find that sitting and bending forward helps. Try taking one Paracetamol plus one Ibuprofin… no more than 3 times a day. I find that the top things that cause hug are stress, over-doing it and heat… and that the best cure is rest. So REST, rest and then get some more rest! Really hope these help Ruthy and thinking of you, Pat xx

Thanks pat, I actually read your tips on a post you had commented on a post when I googled it daft o’clock on sat night the lying down thing helped :slight_smile: I tried to make a mental note to thank you - but forgot ! This pain is horrendous hurts to breath I’m taking iproprufen codeine & paracetamol. I’m not on any medication I’m hoping the nuro will pescribe something on Friday x

Yep you need Amitriptyline or Gabapentin… The neuro should know this but write them down just in case. They both make you feel a bit zombie-like at first… But stick with it… it gets easier. Take the evening dose in early evening (I take Ami at 6.30 pm) so you will not be so dozy in morning. If you have Ami, some people find it difficult to get to sleep at first… again stick with it. Before long you should sleep much better than usual. As Ami is an anti depressive that also helps nerve pain, even in low dose you might find it improves mood. I do… a welcome side-effect. Let us know how you get on Ruthy… And above all keep in mind what I said about stress and the need to rest. Pat xx


Well the doctor surprised me he thinks its galstones!!! Truley not what i was expecting he gave me codeine paracetomol some ant acid thing some mini ms tablets g something and has sent me for an ultrasound but as it can take 6 weeks for my urgent appointment my dad is going to pay for me to go private x

Oh my goodness! I had surgery for that about 11 years ago. Keyhole surgery. I waited months for surgery so hope you have better luck… It’s a very painful condition. Avoid all fatty food… in fact no fat diet was the only way I kept the pain at bay. I lost a stone. Pat xx