No pain?

I met someone at the weekend who has had ppms for 7 years, is in a wheelchair and can’t even stand up, but he has never had any pain. Have you heard of this before?

Apart from not being in a wheelchair, yes. Pain is not a mandatory symptom.

I know of a lady who cannot weight bear,lives in a nursing home and was diagnosed 35 years ago and has never experienced any pain due to her MS.

I think that with their consent, these lucky people should be examined to see if there is any way in which their situation could help those of us with pain.


A few years back at my local branch people were talking about symptoms and the chairman said he had PPMS was in no pain and permanently in wheelchair, others with,PPMS in pain most of the time but didn’t use a chair? this disease has so many variances doesn’t it.

It’s not only possible, but could even be a symptom.

It’s possible for the pain circuits to go down, just like any of the other circuits. During my last and worst relapse, some time ago now, I woke up to find the pain in my feet, that had persisted for at least two years, was suddenly gone.

My joy was shortlived, however, when it became apparent I could not feel my feet AT ALL! Not only pain, but all reporting from them had gone AWOL. Hmmm, not so brilliant after all.

When I recovered from the relapse, the pain returned. But it was almost a relief, as it meant my brain was once again aware my feet existed.

I guess in someone with PPMS, who doesn’t experience recovery, if the pain circuits go down, they stay that way.


Hi, my walking and balance are very poor but I’m not in any pain and never have been. Cheryl:-)

yes i know of some people with ppms who do not experience pain…the one thing we need to learn about MS is we are all different!