My whole body hurts!!

I woke up this morning and my entire body is sore. My arms feel like lead and they are SO tender (literally, they feel bruised). My hands, shoulders, wrists… all painful! I nearly dropped my coffee cup earlier because I just wasn’t strong enough to hold it (it hurt too much). I’ve broken down and taken some ibuprofren in hopes of getting rid of it. Head, neck, arms, wrists… bascially everything above the waist hurts.

I’m guessing this isn’t related to other (possible) MS symptoms? MS doesn’t generally cause pain, does it?

Hi Heather, For a lot of people, MS does cause pain, yes! It used to be assumed it didn’t, but that’s quite an outdated view. What’s more, it can cause different types of pain, which respond to different treatments. As the pain is new for you, it’s probably worth getting it checked out, just in case in case it IS completely unrelated. But my bet is it’s all part of the same thing - in which case it’s worth getting it on your records, as it may influence both diagnosis and treatment options. There are two main types of pain that can arise: if the nurofen, or other over-the-counter type painkillers help, then the pain is probably musculo-skeletal. This can happen, for example, where the muscles are getting too tight (sometimes called spasticity). If over-the-counter stuff has no effect whatsoever, it’s more likely to be nerve pain - which needs specialist prescription painkillers. I’m not saying it will necessarily go the same way for you (everyone’s MS is different) - but I pretty much always feel like I have flu’ first thing. I’m only better after a bath, coffee, and pills. Tina

I’m glad I logged back in tonight and read this… You’re pretty much spot on. The pain did not go away with nurofen… not even enough to take the edge off. I was just saying to my husband right before I logged on that “I feel like I have the flu – but that the only ‘flu’ symptom I have is the achey pain”. I also, in a desperate attempt to soak the pain away, had a bath with epsom salts. That helped for about 15 minutes, then it got achey again.

I’m definitely going to note it down after reading this. Like you said, it might be unrelated – but in case it is, at least I’ll have a record of it. Much appreciated for the feedback.

Hi Heather

Exactly like Tina said, I’m undiagnosed but pains been one of my main symptoms off and on. There have been times that popping some co-codamol has helped and other times where nothing I can get over the counter has made sufficient impact. One time I was at work and in so much pain I couldn’t lift my hand to type on the keyboard - it was excrutiating. I also had an epsiode before all my ‘real’ symptoms started where it felt like there was a band round my wirst of pressure and pain - nothing relieved it. I even went to minor injuries as I’d bashed my elbow badly one month prior and thought maybe I’d broken it and thats what was cuasing the pain but no.

Pain is a major problem - definitely go and see your GP if normal over the counter stuff isn’t helping you.