Alternative to driving licenece for ID ?

I am just about to surrender my driving licence due to long term optic neurosis, DOWN TO MY M.S.

This means I will no longer have any photo ID. Any ideas please with exeption of passport which I do not want to be carrying around with me???


Hi Jules i have used my blue badge for internal flights in UK

I now use my bus pass now as its not as bulky

both have been excepted as photo ID.


Why do you need photo ID, except for opening a bank account or something? I’ve never held a driving licence (nothing to do with MS). I certainly don’t carry my passport around everywhere “just in case”. On the odd occasion I know I’ll be doing some transaction that requires ID, I do take my passport along. But that’s probably only about once a year, if that. Tina

Are you so young looking you need to produce when you go and get a bottle or 2. Perhaps you should do as all the youngsters do and send someone in for you. Ha, ha Mike :slight_smile:

It depends what you need photo ID for but if it’s the bank, take your passport if you’re going to need ID in there. There’s never any dispute with a passport.

A lot of people seem to accept a recent utility bill (Gas, Electricity, Water) as proof of ID.
The only time I have consistently needed photo ID has been in US hotels.



I agree with Geoff - the only place that they routinely ask for photo ID is the US. They have State ID cards for non drivers but in the UK I maybe need it once a year and use my passport. I wouldn’t carry my passport around with me, just take it on the odd occasion that it’s needed.