Passport photos

Hi All, My wife got a blue badge renewal form this morning, one of the things it asks for is a passport photo. This is another little joy that I hadn’t even thought of. Photo booths have stools fixed in them, so even if (big if) the wheelchair fitted inside, you wouldn’t be able to get it in there anyway. Anyone come across this before?

Photo booths aren’t the only place you can get a passport photo, though, are they? They are cheap and (for non-wheelies) convenient, but not compulsory. Pretty sure my local key-cutting place will do them, for example. No idea if they’re any more accessible than the standard booth, as I’ve never had occasion to use them, but I’ve often noticed the sign up.

I realise having a person do it, rather than a machine, will be more expensive, but it’s not very often, so probably not an insurmountable obstacle.


Hi Priory

My local film processing shop offers passport photo service. This might be worth investigating as they just have a screen against the wall so no booth to worry about so no problems with access. Hope this helps.

Hi Priory,

My local chemist used to offer passport photos. They used a hand held camera to take them. I think lots of photography shops also offer them.

Perhaps worth a google to see if there is anything close to you.

Our local photography shop does them…and they’re cheaper !!


There is a website called passporty (don’t want to put the URL because it will delay my publication)

You take a photo at home with your digital camera – send the jpeg to them and they post back photos that you can use for ids.


Hi, following on from what Jane said, if you take a photo at home with a digital camera, then take the camera card down to Boots, then put it in the processing machines that they have and when prompted for what photo sizes etc that you want, request a pasport size. that’s what I did and used it for my National Entitlement card photo and it was accepted no problem Jools X

We have a local Kodak shop that does them, the owner takes the photos there and then in the shop, no booth. Doesn’t take any longer and it’s no more expensive. And you’re supporting your local High Street shops which is a good thing to do.

We have a local independent photograpy shop where they take the photos using a hand held camera. You get to see the mug shot before they prints it which is a bonus and if it is really awful they will take another until you’re reasonably happy with it. It’s about the same price as the photo booths and they’re printed off immediately too. As Val says, it’s good to support local shops.


And another thing… they give you the four individual photos which saves having to cut them from a strip. I’m always clumsy doing that.

Yes, I like that too. I always manage to cut them all wonky …


And… and… you have three more for when you need them next. As long as you can remember where you put them… which needless to say, I can’t.

Amazingly, I found my spares out when I needed to renew my 3 year driving licence !!! It was taken two years ago so I didn’t look quite so haggard . Sometimes I surprise myself! Yet, last month I missed two birthdays and a party …

They’ll turn up when I’m not expecting it…

They could be with the odd socks and missing brains (see New Diagnosis board)

Thanks everyone. I did a bit of googling earlier but couldn’t find anywhere local that does the digital camera service (plus access from the house is not the best, so I thought I can’t be the first person to have this problem. I phoned the council and they said just take a photo at home and send that! Why bother with all the guff about “It must be a passport photo” when they don’t actually mean it? Still, thanks for all the advice

Hi, I spoke to the manager at Asda about me not being able to use their photo booth, due to being a whelie user.

He quickly replied that their photo shop could oblige, for the same cost.


luv Pollx

Hi, when I did my blue badge I just took a photo myself with my digital camera, downloaded it and printed it to about the right size, then cut it to the right size. I don’t think it would have been quite good enough for a passport or driving licence cos I just printed it on normal paper but it was fine for blue badge. Btw for my passport, I just printed a slightly more accurately sized photo and printed it on proper photo paper and this too was accepted. Cheryl:-)

Hi there ive just posted off my renewal i rang up the dep dealing with blue badges and said that getting a passport photo was difficult, she sai that i could send in an ordinary pic and they would scan it and ajust it to fit the badge.

I was very surprised by this as there is nothing on the forms that tell you this, perhaps you could ring up your dep and see if they can do this for you,hope this helps.