Disabled photo booth and also tremor

Hi - I don’t know if anyone can help with this.

I need photo ID for my blue badge but since I last had to renew I have deveoped a permanent tremor and am wheelchair-bound.

Does anyone know where they might be disabled access photo booths, or what other arrangements can be made, and will my photo be rejected if I am shaking?

(new to this site so sorry if it has been dealt with before)

Tesco’s; in some of their stores; take your photo; no booth someone does it; then produce a photo or 2 for you.

But anyone who has a cell phone; with photo capability should be able to do one; you print it out on your PC. Obviously, you must have colour printer.


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I’ve had mine done in Jessops photo shop. If there’s a camera / photo shop in your nearest town they should be able to do it. It’s a bit more expensive than a photo booth, about £10.


Call your local camera club

There should be a lot of people with a suitable camera and the right software to edit the finished image into the correct size - look up passport photos for the requirements - who would not only welcome the challenge, but have the skill to do it.

I used to take my own for Passports and BB, but I would not tell anyone else how to do it (their approach could be well different to mine (and just as good).
All you will need is a plain background (blue-grey or cream).


Passport photos are even worse than they used to be though. If you wear glasses, you have to have the pic taken with them off. Honestly I looked like a zombie in my last one. And normally I may not look that healthy, but slightly better than just disinterred.


I was unable to get in the photo booth at Asda and felt I should complain, so the manager was called and I steeled myself ready for a I am not being included speech!

WEll I reckon this particular manager was used to the issue and instantly said We will be happy to take photos for you at the photographic counter Madam.

Job done!


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Would your council not offer to take the photo? My council (Trafford) won’t even accept your own photo, they insist on it being taken by their staff!


my local chemist takes pics-no steps to get in!


Blue badge doesn’t need to be a Passport type on I used one i had taken a selfie of and sent it online all came back ok.

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My local post office takes passport photos. Just against a white background.

Doesn’t matter about height as they take photos of children.

Good luck.


It does not need to be a Passport type - but it does need to comply with the passport requirements.
Take a look at what you-gov says:

"Photographs used for Blue Badges are expected to be in accordance with passport standards. Further details of these requirements can be found here:-

In order to ensure consistency of approach, there are some additional criteria that will apply to digital photographs uploaded onto BBIS. These are as follows;

  • Photographs should be in colour

  • The permitted image types for the photograph are .JPG or .GIF

  • The maximum size of the image is 200kb.

  • The dimensions of the photograph on the badge will be 274 pixels (wide) x 354 pixels (high) @ 200dpi (depth of pixels per inch)

    This equates to 1.37 inches (wide) by 1.77 inches (high) or 35mm (wide) by 45mm (high)"


JoH has mentioned Stretford, as a council that insist on taking their own photos.
Bury (also in Greater Manchester) have the same policy. So how do you get in to have your photo taken when you cannot park in a disabled space near to the entrance? I wonder if this is:
a) Discrimination
b) Entirely legal
c) A sneaky way of rejecting an application
d) All of the above.