Not ms, passport issues

My post isnt ms related, but im having a bit of a meltdown and feel this is a great page to vent, i sent away my passport renewal form beginning of august but only this week been contacted to send away a lost passport form, im stressing out because i have holiday plans for 3rd sept, its my first holiday post ms, to say i desperately need it is an understatement, i guess im writing this because im getting nowhere with anybody, everyones too afraid to say i wont get my passport on time, all they keep saying is they cant guarantee anything, i was hoping that there was someone amongst u guys who could give me any information and help settle my nerves, the stress of this is not helping me, anyone been in this position before?? i dont understand how the passport applicationb process works, have they even started on my passport, am i being to optimistic to hope i could get it before friday/saturday? arghhhhhhh!!

Hi, I personally think getting it before Friday or Saturday is very optimistic tbh. However, I have known people who have discovered at the last minute that their passport has gone out of date and they have gone in person to the passport office and they have been issued with the passport there and then. Is it possible for you to do this, I think you need to phone up first thing tomorrow morning, find out where to go, what you need and somehow go there in person. Find out exactly what you need so you tak everything with you and don’t have to go back. If you do this you will get your passport. Cheryl:-)

thank you, i have tried to arrange this but they are saying that because i already have an application being processed i cant arrange for another one, its just a huge waiting game (that i am not very good at) i just wish i knew someone who worked in that industry that could tell me how it all works and if it is likely or not

Hi, yes I did wonder if that might be a stumbling block, that your application was being processed, I still think you need to go and I still think that if you did you would get it sorted. I can’t imagine that you are the first person that this has ever happened to! How close is your nearest office, I think they will sort it if you go, after all, a need could suddenly have arisen for you to urgently need to travel while your application was being processed, that must happen. Cheryl:-)

yeh im going to go into my nearest passport office tomo which is here in glasgow, however my actual application is being processed in liverpool :frowning: so i need to contact them on tuesday, god darn bank holiday!!!

Didn’t realise you were in Scotland, I am too, I think they will sort it for you somehow or other tbh. I don’t know how your ms affects you but in this instance, play it to your advantage, mention that you suffer from ms and you struggle with such and such and you need help. Good luck, let us know how you get on. Cheryl:-)

thanks cheryl x

Applied for 2 childrens pasport renewals (posted 23th July). Didnt get them back until 17th August over three weeks later. Did you keep a record of the ref number of the form? I assume they can tell where your’s is, in the system through this. Dont see why somebody cant clarify that given the urgency. Is it returning by post? maybe you can get it couriered.

I tried to get my son a ‘go to the passport office unannounced’ appointment but it appears you can’t do this anymore. You have to ring the central number and they give you the nearest appointment - we had to wait about 2 and a half weeks! I was shocked as I always thought you could go on the day. Message to myself - get that passport renewed as I have parents living in Spain and I’d never forgive myself if something happened and I couldn’t go!

I do hope you get yours before the weekend - good luck! x