Alternative scans to MRI?

i am unableto have an MRI scan as I have a sacral nerve stimulator implant, I had been advised previously that I was able to have jus a head MRI but that has now been completely counted out :frowning:

I have had a CT scan previously which didnt show anything untoward.

Can anyone adviseme if there are any other types of scans available instead of MRI?

Thank you x

There are some new MS research techniques being used with PET scans, but I have no idea if these would be useful for diagnosing MS or even if they are available outside of research centres. So I’m afraid that the likelihood is that there is not going to be anything instead of MRI (and CT), no, and even then the images probably wouldn’t be as good :frowning:

MRI isn’t necessary to diagnose MS though - your history, symptoms and clinical exam results, in combination with other tests (e.g. LP and VEPs) can be enough.

Karen x

Thank you Karen, I’ve been in limbo land since last September within the slowly turning NHS wheels… however have next appt with consultant on Tuesday so am crossing everything for some answers x