Looking for MRI advice please


New here and just wondering if anyone could help advise…

My NHS GP has referred me for a head MRI as she suspects MS but this is taking an absolute age and I’m so fed up. I also have a neurology appointment but this is 6+ months away.

I’m considering getting a private head MRI and am just wondering if there’s a specific type of scan I should be asking for?

I’ve read that T2 and FLAIR sequences are commonly used for MS, is that what I should be asking for? Or will any old MRI scan do?

I think that if I were you, I would discuss this with your GP first.

I’ve just replied to Cc1 who, in his / her post mentions that they had a private MRI scan but for some reason or another , the NHS couldn’t use it and she/ he had to have another scan.

Have you thought about a private consult and leaving it to the neurologist to specify the MRI?