Understanding types of MRI?

Hi! I’ve recently had a CT scan on my head that came back all clear. After discussing with my GP again, she thought an MRI would be the next step because of the involuntary movements I’ve been having. I was sure she said she wanted one of my head.

I had a mixup with the booking service for the actual MRI where they had sent my letter confirming I could make an appointment now to my doctors instead of me, and when I look at the confirmation of my appointment I’m scheduled for an ‘MRI spine cervical’. I absolutely hate kicking up a fuss but that doesn’t sound like it would be anything to do with my brain?

Would it still be useful? I’m desperate to get it over with and know what’s happening to me and waiting is driving me a bit crazy so I don’t want to have to have another one if there’s been a mix-up again.

Any MRI can be helpful. Lesions on the spine are all too common with MS, so it’s possible that your doctor felt that one there would be more practical than a duplicate of your head. CT scans aren’t really accurate for MS, but based on what I’ve heard about the long waits to get testing through the NHS it’s quite probable that she’s trying to cover as many bases as she can as soon as possible.

If it really concerns you, just call your GP and ask about it. I’m kicking myself now for not following up with mine when she ordered my MRI’s with contrast and they did them without.

I would contact your doctor and ask for the MRI to be changed to one that includes your head. It is possible to have MS with no spinal lesions, so you really need to be looked at in both places, not just one. Don’t leave it, you’ll only kick your self for not standing up if you do. It’s not kicking up a fuss, it’s just wanting it done throughly. X