Hi, im new to the forum and after advice

Hi. Im after some advice. Can you have a clear mri scan and still have MS?
Ive been having odd symptoms since September 2020 where i was rushed in with suspected stroke, it wasn’t. Phew. Then happened again march this year and have been ill pretty much rest of the year. I have been having bad heads, very tired, pins in needles in my feet, hand and lip. I have left aide


Depends on what type of MS. Also on what type of MRI scan and what areas of the body were scanned. If you/ your neurologist are still uncertain, you could always have a lumbar puncture though they are much less pleasant than a MRI.


Absolutely, Butterfly! That’s part of why getting a diagnosis is so hard. I don’t want to discourage you, but my MRI’s were negative for a very long time until they suddenly weren’t.

You know that something’s wrong, so just keep making the rounds of the doctors until someone helps you.

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When was your MRI scan done (was it before March this year - your second bout of symptoms)? And was it just brain or did it include cervical spine? Were you referred back to your GP with no further action? Just wondering where you are in the process.

In short, yeh you can. Took 22 years to spot my pesky cervical and thoracic lesions!

first symptoms were;
heavy left leg
foot drop
spasms in arms and legs
bladder/bowel accidents.


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I must admit my gp has been brilliant. He’s sees me straight away and he’s been phoning to chase things up for me.
I really don’t mind what the diagnosis will be now, so far only MS has been mentioned but least then i know, can move forward and someone can give me some steriods or something.

So i had a ct September last year then i had a mri in june and another one in October, all clear. I have had a lumbar puncture so im awaiting those results. I’ve left numerous messages to my consultant, even my gp and physio have because of how bad my legs have become. I can only walk a short distance and that’s with crutches. I have 2 young children so i just feel very frustrated and tierd.

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I had very similar first symptoms that seemed to come on overnight during lockdown.

My main issue was numb feet - my gp at the time had the personality & warmth of a clock. I said im concerned whether MS or Diabetes - he asked why worry?? I said well either is a shock and a long term condition

I don’t hold much faith in GPs - I was eventually given a Neuro MRI… which showed a lot of activity.

Things could be a lot worse…