Puzzled about further tests....

Hi everyone,

I was recently referred back to my Neurologist as symptoms persist following a normal MRI head scan.

Following another physical examination, EEG, EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies have been ordered.

The consultant is absolutely fantastic and I have utmost confidence in all he is doing to help. I am however puzzled as to why an MRI of my spine has not been ordered and did not think to enquire about this during the appointment.

I realise that we may be barking up the wrong tree with suspicions about MS given the countless mimics. Furthermore, the tests that I have now been put forward for do not seem to fit in with the status quo insofar as diagnosis of MS is concerned.

Is anyone able to shed light? Do these tests indicate suspicion of a diagnosis other than MS?

I assume that problems were found during physical examination of me that are considered to warrant the cost of running further tests? I am aware that I could not feel a tuning fork vibrating on my feet but have no idea what significance this has?

Despite the questions raised, I am of course relieved and pleased that further tests are being conducted and I am not being dismissed.

Thanks in advance

The tests that have been ordered are pretty standard for anything neurological, neuromuscular, metabolic, etc - basically anything that causes “weird symptoms”. They measure the speed and amplitude of electrical responses; the pattern of the results can point towards particular types of conditions.

Not sure why they haven’t scanned your spine. Could be that your symptoms / clinical exam suggest it’s not warranted, or that your neuro doesn’t rate them perhaps (standard NHS spinal scans are really quite rubbish)? I would have thought that it was worth asking about though.

Fingers crossed that these new tests get you pointed more firmly in the right direction.

Karen x

Hi ya

I think most neuro’s do the basic tests first - an emg test was one of the first things that mine arranged after my initial appt with him. Along with countless blood tests and an mri (brain). After that I had further tests and finally an LP. So I guess it all rather depends on symptoms, history and the results of each test as to where a neuro goes next.

I don’t see why you shouldn’t ask him about a spinal mri at your next appt either, but then the EEG & EMG tests may throw something up or rule something out anyway. Either way depending on the results and what he says I’d certainly find out where he intends to go from there. Each test result tells him something of some kind so although it may feel that nothing is happening, it is. Eliminating different things is a part of the diagnostic process.

I wish you luck, hopefully this next batch of tests will prove beneficial to finding out what’s going on.

Debbie xx

Thanks so much for your replies Karen and Debbie

At the moment (although puzzled as to what is going on), I am just thankful that the consultant sees fit to investigate things further…