MRI not an option - alternatives?

Does anybody else have a medical reason why they can’t have an MRI? If not have MRI what was the alternative? My GP is sending me to see Neuro but I already know that I can’t have an MRI and I’ve been told that the longest wait was to have the scan. Thanking you in advance for reading and hopefully some advice :wink:

It’s possible to have a CT scan instead. It’s not as good as MRI, but not too bad. Saying that, it’s possible to diagnose MS without an MRI or CT - if your history and clinical exam are consistent with MS, the neuro may be happy to call it, especially if other tests (eg VEPs and LP) are positive. Karen x

Karen (Rizzo) is the one to advise on this.

At a guess, the alternatives would include a CT scan or discogram using contrast dyes?

There are several reasons why an MRI would be contraindicated including metallic fragments, clips or devices in the brain, eye, spinal canal, etc such as pacemakers, insulin (or other drug) pumps, neuro­stim­u­lators, cochlear implants, although they may be deprogrammed in some cases.

Some folks with old facial tattoos are unable to have MRI’s due to metalic fragments in the ink.

Ignore me, I was typing and the doctor was already on her way !!!

Thank you, I have CI, for past 10 years diagnosed with RA, our whole family has AI, but within last year problems with memory, speech, understanding, longest time to write complete and coherant sentance (my daughter spell checks for me!) People look at me like I’m a little bit, ok more than a little, stupid. much frustration.

Hello Daisy,

An MRI is used to identify scars on the myelin in your brain. There is investigation into being able to recognise MS via a lumbar punctur. Presence of nerve filaments in the CSF (cerebro-spinal-fluid) is an objective way of measuring the presence of MS. It is still in the early days of research. This method is used by the MS team at the Royal London.

Go to the blogsite and you might find out more information. OK a lumbar puncture is never a nice thought but it is becoming less painful. I had one and got to have a couple more and I’m not having sleepless nights thinking about it.


Thank you all, daugter off to work, so spell chequing myself :stuck_out_tongue: feeling a bit more “myself” todat, gong to see how many plates i have left after i’ve done the washing up. I know I can’t have the MRI as I have Cochlear and I’d rather it wasn’t remved! ive had an LP bfore so ken whats that like. I seem to be collecting initials