How to get diagnosed with ms without mri?

How to get diagnosed with ms without mri as i have panic attacks and twice had to cancel.I have umctd.

Hi, a lot of people dont like MRI machines and they ask for a mild sedative. I doubt a diagnosis would be given without one


Im having an open mri this could be an option you may consider.

Ok thanks i have asked my consultant if a ct scan would be ok.Thanks

Hi is this privately or through nhs?

Hi Willow
A lumbar puncture may show O bands which is a positive test for MS. I have bad claustrophobia and cant tolerate the MRI either and my gp gives me valium which I start taking the day before and by the time my scan comes along I’m relaxed enough to sleep through it. They will play music for you. Close your eyes the minute you lie down and concentrate on your breathing and the music.
Good luck