Hello, I’ve joined the group even though I haven’t had a diagnosis. 15 years ago I had a pacemaker fitted. In the last 12 years my health has deteriorated and continues to do so. I see many specialists and all of them do tests and come up with theories. I take a huge amount of tablets for all sorts of symptoms. This is cutting a very long story short, this year I have been told that they suspect I have Anklyosing Spondilitus and MS. But because I have a pacemaker and therefore can’t have an MRI it will remain a suspicion and I have to live with that. My Dad was diagnosed in the 1960s with AS, before MRIs, so I know more can be done there. Does anyone know if MS is the same, are there other ways of diagnosis? Do I push this or live with never knowing? Thanks in advance. Em

Hi Emma

You could ask for a Lumbar Puncture. It’s not a foolproof way of diagnosing MS as only 80-95% of people with MS have a positive LP (positive for Oligoclonal bands that is). But it’s persuasive if you’ve had a neurological exam and that seems to indicate MS.


Thanks for your reply, a lumber puncture was ruled out when this all started, but I will ask the doctor again when I see him in March. Not that I like the thought of it.

Thanks again.