2 separate MRI show lesions within brain and spine. Clinically told its likely ive MS. im having a lumber puncture next week to diagnose. What else could it be?

We can’t advise you on your MRI results. I can only read what you’ve written and using my knowledge of MS diagnostics, tell you what I think with regard to MS.

If you’ve been told it’s probably MS, then maybe it is. Obviously, I can’t say anything other than ‘maybe’.

The lumbar puncture is another important part of the diagnosis (or non-diagnosis) of MS. Most people with MS test positive for Oligoclonal bands in their cerebrospinal fluid but not in their blood serum. There are some cases where people with MS don’t have O bands.

See for more information on lumbar punctures.


I understand. I was hopeful it might not be this. There’s white marks between C6 and C7 and “similar markings within the brain scan”.

Sorry to hear that. Can I ask, was your spine MRI with contrast? I have mine tomorrow

Neither with contrast. Full spine one then a head MRI to collaborate findings

Don’t count your chickens before all the tests are done and the neurologist has actually said the words, ‘you have MS’. And even then, it’s not the end of the world. Most people (85% ish) are diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS. And for RRMS, there are now many disease modifying drugs (DMDs) which aim to reduce the relapses (attacks) and thereby reduce future disability.

Good luck with the LP. You should follow the advice commonly given these days with regard to LPs, that is to drink lots of full strength coke (not diet), and to remain laying down flat for at least a couple of hours after the test. Both of these are to avoid a killer headache. Not everyone gets the headache, but for those who do, it’s horrible. Take a bendy straw with you, this is to continue drinking coke (it’s the caffeine and sugar that helps) whilst laying down.

Let us know how you get on.


Hi anon just wanted to say I was petrified about the LP - but had it today and it was absolutely fine… have drunk ALOT of coke so fingers crossed headache stays at bay! Anyway just to say don’t worry as for me the thought was far worse than the procedure!