Help Please

Please can you tell me did any of you lovely people get a positive diagnosis for ms without having a lumbar puncture?

When I originally saw my neurologist he said I would be having an mri, lumbar puncture and an evoked potential eye test. I had my mri a few weeks back and am having my evoked potential eye test next Wednesday. As I had not had an appointment for the lumbar puncture I phoned my neurologist’s secretary and she informed me I would not be having a lumbar puncture and said my neurologist wants to see me again on June 20th.

His secretary said she would be sending the results of my mri out to me and my gp.

I am puzzled as to why he would change his mind about me having the lumbar puncture.


I got my ppms diagnosis without a lumber puncture or ep. Maybe your neuro has got enough information already.


First I had a Visual Evoked Response test followed by a psychiatric assessment for “a functional disease”.

Then I had an MRI and finally a lumbar puncture before the neurologist was confident that I met the criteria for a diagnosis of MS.

So, like Christine says, perhaps your neuro has got enough information already.

I hope that you get good news.



Thank you both for answering. Yes I agree it can go either way. I will post what he says.

I got a dx of ‘presumed ms’ in 2012. It’s not something I have held much store to though because my symptoms and how they were resolved did not fit with ms. I had a CT Head, MRI and an EMG.