positive lumbar puncture

Hi guys,

You may remember me as the vain person who asked what to wear to a lumbar puncture. Your advice was heeded and all went well considering.

Got the results of my visual evoked tests back as normal, but the LP shows signs associated with MS, no other information was given, this was in a letter. I am due to see my neurologist but it isnt until July so I wondered if anyone here could answer me queries.

Its looking fairly likely I will get diagnosed with MS. What happens next? I am wondering about medication, I am fairly symptomless at the moment and have been for months, all I have is a tingly hand every so often. I have read that most medication just treats the symptoms anyway so is a drug treatment unlikely at this point? I am due to have a second MRI soon also.

Is there any significance that the visual test was negative and the LP was positive? I’ve read somewhere that the LP is like the gold standard of testing.

I like to think ahead, so after diagnosis, which might not even happen, what do I do? I know I have to contact the DVLA and insurance, but is that it?

Thanks guys.

A lumbar puncture which is positive for the signs of MS is often the thing upon which the MS diagnosis rests. But only in combination with an MRI, neurological exam and history. So while you are clearly expecting the diagnosis, you haven’t said anything about other tests apart from a negative VEP.

If you are diagnosed with MS, a DMD is likely to be the next step as you have worked out, a useful tool to help you navigate your way through the options is

Do bear in mind though that your MS nurse and neurologist will have their own views as to the most appropriate drug. Plus, you may find that not all drugs are available from your local neurology service, so you might have to be referred elsewhere if the drug you would prefer to take is not possible from your hospital.

You might decide that taking a DMD is not for you at present because your symptoms are mild. Many ‘old timers’ (me included) would urge you to consider taking on if you are diagnosed with MS and are otherwise eligible and able to take one. Simply because treating MS with as big a gun as you can seems the best option for avoiding potential disability.

But, it is your decision, weigh up the cost (i.e. side effects etc) against the possible benefits.


Hi ssssue, Thanks for the response. I should have mentioned that I’ve had a positive MRI, and a history of numbness and tinglyness down my left side but it seems to have almost completely dissipated for the time being. I didn’t know about DmdS, thanks for sharing that. the idea of using a big gun to shoot this b*stard :slight_smile:


I had few symptoms when I was diagnosed nearly 30 years ago.

Told to go away and take fish oil tablets! Which I still do, along with lots of other prescription drugs.

My MS very slow.

Good luck.

Jen x