all i want to do .......

…is butter some toast without wearing most of it or breaking the plate. is that really too much to ask?

apologies for this irregular outburst-i just need to get that out my system. calm will be restored shortly-i promise.


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All I want to do … is to be able to sit without one, preferably both, of my legs spasming like crazy

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and to be able to feel my hands properly and hold things!

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all I want to do is walk across a room without my body trying to fall over, everything is such a huge effort.

Thanks , I feel better for getting that off my chest without the need to shout or feel sorry for myself.

I hope you feel better for sharing too. Mick

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… go without taking a battleship’ s worth of pills every day or feeling itchy all the time or being heavy and bloated and having the same bmi as a kebab…

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…is have some fun. I’ve got a feeling, I’m not the only one. …

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All I want is world peace, not much to ask is it? Failing that one day symptom free, failing that a metabolic rate that enabled me to eat whenever and whatever I want.

Happy days everyone

Jan x

Exactly what I started singing when I saw the title and before I opened the thread.


same here

“i like a good beer buzz early in the morning, but Billy likes to peel the lable from his bottle of bud”

hey all

thanks. calm is restored today. am still sat here in pjs and have no intention of dressing-or trying to make toast


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if you do make that toast, put marmalade on it instead of butter…it goes on better! But it dont taste as good!