All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride

BBC4 tonight at 8.00. Basically it’s a Slegh ride without any commentary just the sound of crunching snow and the tinkle of bells. I watched a clip of this on breakfast TV earlier in the week it was very restful and relaxing. There’s only the same old rubbish on the main channels so I think I’ll tune in and give it a go.

There was one about a canal boat journey earlier in the year I think, did anyone watch? Comments would be welcome.

Merry Christmas.

Jan x

Ho Ho Ho


hi jan

i love things like that.

they use a lot of films without narrative or plot in scandinavia.

i also watched “great british canal journeys”, which showed Tim West and Prunella Scales on their canal boat.

soothing telly that helps you get to sleep!


merry christmas - the bar should be open by now.

carole x

I had it on in the background while I did a couple of last minute things, then watched about ten minutes in bed before I fell asleep

Jan x

I didn’t see it or the canal one, but I did record the Dawn Chorus one they did during the election. It’s beautiful, very soothing. I often put it on in the background. I reckon I’ll give the sleigh ride a go though in iplayer.