(sorry not MS) The new snowman

Is anyone else looking forward to the Snowman and the snowdog on christmas eve at 8pm?

I feel my inner child coming out :slight_smile:

No need to be sorry, all our household is looking forward to it! That includes three teenagers who were brought up on a copy of this being reeled out on VHS at least twice every Christmas. That and Robbie the Reindeer!

VinceA said it right.I am Jeremy Meldrew The Grinch,but I’ll be there.


i’ll be watching it too.

that first film did strange things to a friend of mine, it made tears roll down her cheeks.

she said it was like a memory and i know what she means.

looking forward to hearing on this forum what we all thought of it.

carole x

ive always watched the snowman every xmas, but im not sure about it with the dog in it, ill watch it tho incase its still good tho lol

An enchanting Christmas tale - Raymond Briggs and the wonderful song sung by Aled Jones. That will definitely be a family favourite! Wasn’t David Bowie involved also?

My little boy has never seen this so we will be snuggled up together with lots of goodies to eat.

That is if i can pin him down off the ceiling as he is getting so excited about santa coming already. He is getting hyperactive.

We will then put out santas brandy and choc cake! Well we don’t like sherry and mince pies in our house!!

and of course rudolf has to have a carrot and a dish of water.

Looking forward to it. Might be the last year he believes as he is 8 now.

I’m going to make the most of it.


I wish I’d stopped believing in The Tooth Fairy’cos I slept with my head under the pillow a few years back… he took all my teeth and left 10 Italian Lira.I now have a sweet denture.


Is it just me or did anyone else find Robbie the Reindeer rather disturbing?


If you love the snowman you will absolutely adore the bear, not advertised so well but usually on one day tween Xmas and new year